Watsons Gel Body Scrub Cucumber & Aloe Vera - Review

Watsons Gel Body Scrub Cucumber & Aloe Vera - Review
I picked up this Gel Body Scrub by Watsons Malaysia a while back and this was an instant purchase at the counter because I got two tubes for like 15 RM 😂 I got one containing Cucumber & Aloe Vera and the other one contained Oatmeal & Cocoa Butter (that I will review later).
Watsons Gel Body Scrub Cucumber & Aloe Vera - Review

My Experience:
This claims to leave you with soft and smooth skin and that is true. ❤️ I am almost halfway through the tube and I know I will get more in the future. This particular variation has a very refreshing scent.

The name of the product indicates that this is a gel but I feel that the texture is more like a body lotion mixed with exfoliating beads. The beads are very scattered making the scrub a mild one which is good for every day to every second-day use because it will give you really really mild exfoliation while moisturizing your skin. 

I got this just by looking at the word Cucumber & Aloe Vera 😄 because cucumbers are refreshing and aloe vera has soothing properties and so far I am really happy with the experience.

I am also thinking about having my 10 yo start with these scrubs on a bi-weekly basis because this is really hydrating and mild. But let's see what I end up deciding. 

Currently, Watsons is selling the Gel Scrub for RM 10.50 and it is available in a few variations. Do grab a few before they go back to their original price.

Price: RM 10.50 (RM 15) | Where to buy: Watsons Website or in-store

Do you use body scrubs? What do you think of this one?

Thank you for your time.
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