Review: Pen Eyeliner by Christine!

Many people asked me to review some products from a Pakistan based cosmetic company named Christine. Here is another product I tried.
I bought this pen liner about 8 months ago and have used it quite alot. Lets see how I found it.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dries quickly after application.
  • Helps to create pointed lines.
  • Pointed tip.
  • Works better on naked eyes.
  • Mess free.
  • Removes easily.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easily available in Pakistan.
  • Ink flow stops during application. You have to wait a bit.
  • Does not stay for more than 2 hours.
  • Does not work properly on heavy eye shadows.
If you want a pen liner that should be cheap and you need it for touch ups when you are on the go, this product will work great for you. It is also very helpful when you want to create a basic out line for some dramatic makeup look or just for your winged eye liner, you can apply your other liners over it after wards.
I have also tried it on my water line and this product made me uncomfortable a bit. 
Cost & Availability:
I don't exactly remember but I guess I bought it from about 100-150 PKR. (If you know the exact price please leave a comment so I can update it). For this price it is pretty inexpensive and a must try, specially for those who are not really good with applying eye liners. It is available all over the country where ever they have Christine.
I hope you have liked this review. Have you tried this pen liner before? 
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Thanks for your time.
*Stay Beautiful


  1. looking good, great review sehrish <3

  2. I have used this type of pen liners from multiple brands and i have always been disappointed,the tip is just too bulky for neat application.And u r rite,color intensity is an issue while applying over eye shadows.
    Plz dont use it on water line,it will irritate ur eyes badly(voice of experience) ;)

  3. I have tried this liner it has a bit fat tip so you can not easily draw thin lines... ya it dries fast and stops working during applications but if you keep this up side down you can handle this problem...

  4. Thanks for your comments :)
    @Sahar and Shahtaj: I actually found its tip working fine for me. It draws lines really well. I used it on my water line because I wanted to check if its irritant or not. Keeping a liner upside down is not possible mostly :/ ... I gotta try some more pen liners in future.

  5. Lovely blog :-) :-) xx
    A New follower from,would love if you follow me back :) :) :) xxx

  6. Oh this will definitely not work for me :/
    Thanks for the honest review!

  7. definitely want to give it a try. it looks promising, though im sad that it doesnt last long.. wish we have Pakistani products here too

  8. I am not a fan of pen liners. They never me a fine line on my eyes.

  9. Hey you are Malaysia right? Do you get this product there? I am looking to buy some way to buy christine products online in Canada

    1. I live in Malaysia but I am Pakistani. I buy Christine's products from Pakistan actually. Never spotted them here and not even sure that you can get these online. But do check out a bit; eBay / Amazon can sometimes be really great sources for such products.


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