Natural Makeup Look!

I created this natural look for a makeup contest and had a dinner party at my place the same evening. Lets see what products I used to create this look. 
So, the task was to create any look we want but had to post "before & after' picture. Scary eh? =P
Posting a makeup look on the internet can never be a problem but posting a no-makeup look, well I had to convince myself for that and big time.

Lets move on to the product list.
For eyes I used:
  • Etude Stick Concealer as primer (#08PA)
  • Yellow, blue, reddish, vanilla and black eye shadows from 96 Color Water Base Matte Eyeshadow Kit by Florina
  • Maybelline Eye Studio-Lasting Drama Gel Liner (Read Review)
  • Lashem Double Trouble Mascara (Read Review)
For Face I used:
  • L'Oreal Liquid Foundation (Read Review)
  • Creme Powder by Fennel (Shade: Light)
  • Peach and pink blush.
For Lips I used:
  • Golden Rose Lip Color (Nude Shade)
I hope you have liked this look.
Thanks for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post are my personal choices. I am not paid or compensated to use these products. PR sample was sent for Lashem Double Trouble Mascara only, rest of the products are bought by my own money. 


  1. You look extremely pretty. With this picture/make-up look you'll win the contest for sure. *liked it*

  2. You looks so pretty~!

  3. Thanks alot everyone for lovely comments =)

  4. I like this one - fresh and natural. Really impressed with your clear skin, wish I can have it :)

  5. I like this one - looks fresh and natural. Really impressed with your clear skin, wish I can have it :)

  6. Brilliant Makeup Sahrish! <3

  7. hieee.. just started reading ur reviews nd em loving these!! got oily skin so these products lookng good!!
    where i can buy this loreal foundation nd cream powder by fennel online?? can u help ??


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