Lashem - Double Trouble Mascara - Review & Swatches!

Mascara is something that impresses me rarely. Double Trouble Mascara by Lashem has done what so many other mascaras could not do.
I have tried many mascaras in past, specially that claims 'clump free volume'. Honestly speaking, I ended up using them rarely. What a waste of money!
I tried this Double Trouble Mascara by Lashem. It is in black color. Lets see how I found it.

  • Two in one (Length & Volume) feature.
  • A visible result after one coat of volume formula.
  • Stays for long hours if you don't sweat too much.
  • Does not irritate eyes/skin.
  • Both wands are perfectly made for their uses. 
  • Volume end gives sudden volume after one coat and two coats makes your eyes more vibrant and it does not clump the lashes at all.
  • Length end enhances the length after two coats.
  • Volume formula dries quickly while lengthening formula takes a few seconds to dry completely.
  • Curls lashes during application.
  • Easily removable.
  • Perfect for everyday use.
  • This mascara is not water proof and hence has a tendency to go off if you sweat too much.
  • Lengthening formula tends to clump the lashes sometimes.

Volumizing end
Lengthening end
Cost & Availability:
Double Trouble Mascara costs $19.99 and Lashem ships worldwide. It may be expensive for some people but I think this price is good for the quality and results of this product. You can buy this mascara online from here.
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Over All Experience:
I felt that this is a great mascara for

  • Working ladies & Mothers (human beings come in these two categories are really busy =P & most of the times do not have time to either apply light falsies or wait for their mascaras to dry) 
  • People with sensitive eyes.
  • People with fine eye lash hairs.
Furthermore, it did not irritate my eyes at all and feels really light on lashes. I apply it whenever I am going out or trying a makeup look. I have tried it for over a month and I found it really suitable for my eyes.
How to use it:
For best results, apply two coats of volumizing formula and then apply 1-2 coats of lengthening formula.
Will I get it again?
Yes, for sure. =)

Check out the result of Double Trouble Mascara in these pictures.

You can clearly see that this mascara has curled my lashes a bit, gave instant volume and somehow a bit of length as well. I am quite happy with this mascara. =)
I hope you have liked this post. Have you used this mascara before or thinking to buy it?
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*Stay Beautiful

PR sample sent for review consideration. My opinions are 100% honest.


  1. Your natural eyelashes already look gorgeous, and with the mascara, WOW! :D

  2. I'm definitely gonna try this one. Great review.

  3. Great review Sahrish! It's a decent mascara for everyday use :)


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