Cover and Conceal Wand by Makeup Academy (MUA) - Review & Swatch

A makeup look can never look flawless if you have dark circles and imperfection peaking through the gorgeousness you have applied on your face and to fight those monsters, a concealer can become your best friend.

Cover and Conceal Wand:
They say; 'Conceal imperfections, under-eye circles, spots on the face with this concealer wand. The creamy lightweight texture which blends in to create that flawless finish with a natural coverage that lasts all day.'

Product Description & Packaging:
Cover and Conceal Wand comes in a plastic tube and the wand has a brush applicator. The formula has a liquid to cream consistency making it easy to blend into the skin. It comes in three shades and contains 7.5 ml of product. The shade I am using is Natural; it has no undertone.

Cover and Conceal Wand by Makeup Academy (MUA) - Review & Swatch
Cover and Conceal Wand by Makeup Academy (MUA)
Cover and Conceal Wand by Makeup Academy (MUA) - Review & Swatch
Cover and Conceal Wand by Makeup Academy (MUA)

This swatch has been taken on bare skin. On left side, you can see the consistency of this product and the same swatch was blended in the right part of the picture to show how it even out the skin giving a sheer coverage and smoothing out the tone.

Cover and Conceal Wand by Makeup Academy (MUA) - Review & Swatch
Cover and Conceal Wand by Makeup Academy (MUA) - swatch

Overall Experience:
A good concealer should always give good coverage without creasing or caking up throughout the day. My experience with MUA's concealer has been good but I would not say that they are good enough when you need a HD makeup finish.

This wand concealer is perfect when you don't have too much dark circles / spots. It gives sheer to medium coverage and is build-able to some extent but not to achieve full coverage. You can see the results in my recent makeup look; it gave me medium coverage and you can still see some skin tone underneath right under inner corners of the eye.

Application is pretty easy and I usually blend it with my finger or a fluffy brush. To even out my skin, I go with one layer but to get medium coverage, I go with two layers and then set it with light touch of powder with a fluffy brush. It does not crease on me at all throughout the day and stays put as well.

- After applying the first layer, always give your concealer a few seconds to one minute to completely dry and set into your skin otherwise, you will only rub it which will cause streaking and later on, creasing.
- To achieve a flawless finish and to avoid the harsh line under your waterline; always blend the concealer with a fluffy brush. My current favorite brushes to apply products under my eyes are; E40 Tapered Blending Brush by Sigma and Base Shadow Brush (comes in Starter Set) by Real Techniques.   

As for the imperfections; yes it gives a good coverage and evens out any redness or light spots but don't expect it to spot conceal any dark spots and heavy discolorations. Also, I did not notice any oxidization with this concealer as mostly I use it without a primer and at this point I would say that it is one of the concealers that does not crease under my eyes without an eye primer. Thumbs up for that!

Overall, I am loving this concealer and how it becomes skin-like once it is dried.. However, MUA claims for it to give a flawless and natural looking finish; it surely gives a natural looking finish but it does not hide all the flaws.

Cost & Availability:
You can buy Cover and Conceal Wand for £1.50 directly from MUA's website; they ship to the countries where you have PayPal available as their only mode of payment is PayPal at this point.

There are also many Facebook/Online stores selling MUA's products; in Malaysia, you can get it from Mesmerize and in Pakistan you can get it from

Have you tried this concealer yet? What do you look for while buying a concealer?

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  1. Since my dark cirlces are suuuper dark haha, I think i'll be skipping this :)

  2. it is inexpensive and good replacement of elf

  3. I have this too and honestly I use it as an eyeshadow primer :D doesn't conceal my acne spots for which I bought it but does a good job with my under eye area! nice and honest review sehrish :) xx

  4. i have never tried this one...but looks good!

  5. This looks great...Ive been using the concealer stick from this MUA range and it works well as a highlight since its too bright.

  6. It does look great. Wish it gave heavy coverage. :/

  7. I m trying artdeco concealer these days...lets hhope fr positive results.


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