Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia - Review

After a great start by launching their first Short Handle Flat Top Foundation Brush, Colours Cosmetics Malaysia has launched their new Tapered Crease Blender. I got a chance to try this new addition into their range and let's see if it was worth a try. 

Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia:
Specially designed for Asian eyes, the tapered crease blender is perfect for people with small eyes. Due to the fact that it is tapered and dense, the brush provides controlled blending around the outer V and crease area. 

The synthetic bristles do not shed / shed very minimally during first wash and are soft and gentle on your eyes. 

Product is halal and it's definitely great for vegans!

This brush is 14.5 cm long (approx. 5.70 inches).

Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia - Review
Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia
Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia - Review
Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia
Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia - Review
Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia
Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia - Review
Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia

Overall Experience:
Before I get into any details, I would say that CCM have put a lot of thoughts in designing this brush. I am a person who loves multi-tasking products and tools as they tends to be really practical when it comes to traveling.

This brush can work as a blending / concealer / highlighting / crease brush and also as a regular eye shadow brush to pack and blend the shadows at the same time.

The bristles of this brush are nicely packed together at the bottom providing a moderately stiff base which keeps the brush from getting too wide when you put the pressure on it and they end into a softer but not too fluffier top to work precisely. These bristles are not at all pointy and I did not notice any pinch-y feel on my skin even when I used it to apply concealer under my eyes.

I love the diameter of the brush. It is not too small and not too wide and is quite precise when it comes to blend the eye shadows without taking off the color from the surrounding areas. If you have smaller eyes or you don't like the blending brushes which are way too fluffier and big (also kind of spread while blending the shadows), you might wanna try this one. It also works great in blending eye pencils without going harsh on your skin.

Here I would mention that I am in love with Sigma's tapered blending brush and I actually have two of those but I only use them for concealers/foundation/nose contour and not for eye makeup as they are way too big and they take off the color from areas other that which I am blending which in short words CCM called going out of the zone.

This brush works fine for liquid, cream and powder products and is really easy to wash. It gets stain free on every wash and literally dries in 4-5 hours even in cold weather of Lahore, Pakistan (yup I am visiting Pakistan these days). I also did not notice any shedding of bristles even on first wash.

Enough of the good points? Lemme tell you one thing that was kind of a turn off for me and made me think if I would buy this brush or not (since I am planning to have a few of these for my pro kit). The wooden grip of the brush and the white logo over it do not do justice to the price. The brush does not have a good weight which is one of my concerns when I buy makeup brushes for my professional use and I am afraid that the logo will be gone sooner than it should (not too big of a deal but still). So I am going to use it for a few more times before I make up my mind to buy a few pieces.

Overall, I did not find any flaw in the design, function or bristles of this brush. This brush is without any doubt a must have for both home and professional use for its multi-tasking ability. I am literally in love with this brush but I really feel like that this brush can be improved. For students and people tight on budget; you can do your complete eye makeup just by using this single brush. Trust me, I do it. :)

Tips & how I use my Tapered Crease Blending Brush:
- For blending eye shadows
- For putting the shadows directly onto the lid and then blending them while I apply them (I usually use this for my everyday makeup application)
- For blending eye shadows in crease of the eyelid
- For highlighting brow bone, inner corners of the eyes, cheekbones, nose and cupid's bow
- For contouring nose
- For concealing under eye circles
- For powdering under eye area and sides of the nose to ensure longevity of the makeup

* Always use a makeup brush wash or a baby shampoo to wash your brushes. If you are unable to get rid of the stains, try dipping the brush into olive oil for sometimes and then massage through the bristles and then wash with the shampoo. For home use, you can wash your brushes after a few uses and mildly clean then with a brush cleaner in between the washes but for professional use, you should always wash your brushes after the session and never use same brushes on two different people. After you wash your brushes, lay them flat on a towel leaving the head of the brush off of the towel (not touching the towel) so it in in the air from all sides. A normal synthetic eye shadows brush can take from 3-8 hours but a denser face brushes can take from 6-24 and sometimes upto 30 hours so make sure you let your brush dry completely before you put it away or start using it else you might cause it to grow bacteria. Taking care of the brushes can help you use them for longer period of time as buying makeup brushes is an investment into the field of makeup artistry. =)

Cost & Availability:
You can buy Tapered Crease Blender by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia for RM 35 from their website, they ship all over Malaysia.

What do you look for when you buy a makeup brush? 

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful
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  1. I have a brush like this and I love it for placing eyeshadow on the crease.


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