Luscious Cosmetics Precious Metals Pure Mineral Eye Shadows - Review (Guest Post)

Today we have a guest post by Aruba who wanted to share her experience about one of the products by Luscious Cosmetics. Let's see how she found this product.

Precious Metals Pure Mineral Eyeshadows in  "ENCHANTED" :-

My Experience:- 
I bought this eye shadow a month ago and now want to review it because I really like its result. There are three colors in the whole pack these are silver, red and green. Silver color is a light shiny color and can be used with other two colors.Red one is a dark red color and green is also a dark color. These all colors need good base or primer to show good result and to prevent fading. They are really pigmented and I really wish these were pressed pigments so I could use them more often without worrying so much..

About the product's Display :- 
It comes with a plastic packaging having three separate parts containing three different colors.They have a large quantity of the product which gives the product some plus points :)..

What i Like about the product :-
Its Pigmentation, Quantity, Shiny shade and smooth texture

What i hate the most about the product :-
The first thing I hate about the product is that they need good base or primer underneath so that they can stick to your eyelid and prevent fading, second thing is that they have a messy fallout and we have to be very careful while using the product.

Price of the product :-
The price of the eye shadow is PKR 575 and is available at website of luscious cosmetics and other luscious stores.

My Rating:-

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Thank you Aruba for sharing your experience with my readers. It was lovely to have you here.

Thank you for your time everyone.
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  1. I really want to buy them but i am so clumsy , i am sure i will scatter the pigments all over my dresser :(

  2. Thanks a lot Sahrish for posting it.. hope every one like it..
    here is my blog's link

  3. loose pigments are so hard to work with, I do like the silver shade though! great review:)

  4. lovely review.I love the name "enchanted".Red is absolutly gorgeous.I am using summer hliday nowadays but this one seems like a must have too.You have done a great job aruba

  5. These will work really well with a good eye primer underneath..nice review :)

  6. Awesome Shades i m in love with these shades <3


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