Eye Products - Favorite of 2012 # 5

Eyes, the most sensitive part of the face, should get in contact with only good quality products. Investing extra money is better than paying bills for the doctor and risking the eyes. But that does not mean you cannot have better products while going easy on your pocket. In this post you will find products that are tested by me, owner of really sensitive eyes who also had a Lasik operation two years ago. 

MUA Makeup Academy, DUO Eye Lash Glue

Starting with eye primer and eye lash glue, two most important products that have to get into the direct contact with your eyes. 
  • Professional Eye Primer by MUA (review here) is no doubt the best eye primer for oily lids and sensitive eyes. It keeps my eye makeup in place, without creasing or toning down, for over 14 hours.
  • DUO Eye Lash Adhesive (review here) is the best eye lash glue in my experience. It is non irritant and keeps the lashes in place until you take them off by yourself. A bit towards expensive side if you buy it from anywhere outside US but it will last you for really long.

Eye Liners by MUA Makeup Academy, Luscious Cosmetics, Artdeco, Mineral Hygienics & NYX

Eye Liners, so far I believe the most used eye product in every makeup user's life. Again, direct contact with eyes and we also apply it on out waterline so compromising on quality should not be an option. Starting from top to bottom;

  • MUA's Extreme Felt Eye Liner (review here) is a must have eye liner for everyone. It stays for longer hours, is quick to use and can fit into anyone's budget.
  • Luscious Cosmetics' Catwalk Eye Liners (review here) are just amazing. The pigmentation, staying power and applicator are great factors that any eye liner should have. You can find more shades in this eye liner in my review. I love all three of those colors.
  • Artdeco's Mineral Eye Styler (review here) is also a really good eye liner. I love how easily it goes onto the waterline because of its soft formula.
  • Mineral Hygienics' Automatic Eye Liner (review here) is soft, highly pigmented and stays for longer hours. I wish it had a built in sharpener as well. But having a smudge brush is a plus point for this baby.
  • NYX's Eye/Eye Brow Pencils (review here) are my favorite as well because of their softness, pigmentation & staying power. You can find more shades in my review.

Eye Shadows by MUA Makeup Academy & Makeup Geek
Makeup Geek Eye Shadows
MUA Eye Shadow Palette

Now comes the products that you cannot have enough. =P

  • Makeup Geek Eye Shadows (review here) have all the qualities that any high end eye shadow should have and yet they are budget friendly as compared to high end brands.
  • MUA's Immaculate Collection Eye Shadow Palette (review here) is this year my most used eye shadow palette mostly because it has a huge color range in one palette. Most of the eye shadows are also nicely pigmented and I literally have used this palette not just for eye makeup but also to highlight, contour and blush my face when I am travelling. 

Even if I wear anything else on my eyes or not, I do not miss brushing my eye brows and applying a mascara. It gives me instant awake look without any effort. Left - right;
  • Catalina Geo's Waterproof Mascara (review coming soon) has become my favorite mascara since it is waterproof and gives my lashes a nice volume and length.
  • Artdeco's All in One Mascara (review here) has been working great for my lashes so far. I though have a tiny problem with it that if I touch my lashes, it drops flakes (making sense?) BUT the volume and length it gives is awesome.

Finally here the most used makeup product of the year by me is Luscious Cosmetics' Perfect Brows Kit. I did not use the pencil and tweezers from this kit so much but the brow gel, eye brow powder, wax & brush are great. 
  • Luscious Cosmetics' Perfect Brows Kit (review here) also helps me on the go since it has a good sized mirror.
  • Mineral Hygienics' Automatic Eye Brow Pencil (review here) is one of my favorite on the go eye brow pencils. 
I hope you have enjoyed this post. Do check rest of the posts in this series here and stay tuned for a few more posts in coming days.

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  1. Love that mua palette! I had my eye on it for such a long time but now tht I've sen in it this yeas favourites ill definelty be purchasing it soon :) love this series of yours :)

    1. I love this palette even though it is not highly pigmented but it works great with primer or eye shadow base. I am going on holidays and it is in my makeup bag. =)

  2. awe.. so tempted to see the whole post... no doubt product you picked are amazing .. specially luscious eyebrow kit...MUA palette and artdeco eyeliner... nic picks girl :)

  3. Awesome picks! I really like the MUG eyeshades

  4. also love MUA palette n brow kit......

  5. i have added the mua eyeline rin my wishlist.MUA primer is always outta stock.it comes n go outta stock in blink of an eye n ur good reviews n fan following is to b blamed :)

  6. Nice picks:)Helped me add a few more things to my "wishlist" ;)

  7. The MUA pallette is gorgeous. Great picks :)

  8. awesome post! MUA palette is just amazing <3

  9. I really like the palette... :)

  10. Loveeeeeeeeee this palette :)


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