Beauty Care - Favorites of 2012 # 2

So here goes the second post in series Favorites of 2012. In this post you will see all my favorite and most used product that I used for my hair, skin, nails & teeth. These products work for me in best possible way.

Beauty Care - Favorites of 2012 # 2

Starting from hair and body, I have really oily scalp. And by very oily I mean that you can see the oil in 12-18 hours after I wash them. The main reason why I don't brush my hair too much is the excessive oil production. And if I use shampoos to fight this problem, the length & ends of my hair looks dull and dry. I have tried many shampoos but so far the one that worked best for me is L'Oreal's Sooth Intense Ultra Rich Nourishing Shampoo. This is my third bottle. It does not say that it is for oily hair but it has lots of benefits that I will mention in another review post.

The other almost empty bottle you see in the picture is Ginger Bread shower gel. It has such a light fragrance and warm but fresh feel. My sister-in-law sent this to me last year and since I could not find this over here, I am using it really carefully. I totally love this.

Beauty Care - Favorites of 2012 # 2

Left - right;

  • Elianto's deep cleansing face foam in Lemon. I totally love Elianto's products and this particular face wash is in my use for almost one year now. 
  • Dermalogica's Microfoliant (review here) is like a dream come true product for me. It is pricey but one bottle can easily last for one good year and even more. Great great great product for both men and women.
  • I got these Pixy products from Pakistan. They were super cheap (160 PKR per bottle I guess) and I got these because I was looking for travel friendly cleanser and toner that I can carry in airplane as they have 100ml of product in each bottle. But they worked just amazingly good for me. They didn't break me out at all. The best thing is, the bottles do not leak until or unless you press them.
  • I am more into peel-off masks as psychologically I feel that when I peel it off, I get a new skin. =P The combination of almond & cucumber is working pretty good for me.

Beauty Care - Favorites of 2012 # 2

Left - right;

  • Rosken's skin repair cream is just a great product for extra dry skin/lips and it is for sure a good replacement for high end products in this category. My tattoo artist recommended this since the skin gets dry after the tattoo is done. After my tattoo healed, I tried it for my dry heals & lips. Amazingly, it locks in the moisture in most dry areas and keep the lips hydrated for about good 6-8 hours. In Pakistan, you can try Oilatum cream by Stiefel. I used that one since I remember and Rosken's cream works the same way.
  • Intense Plus' hydra soothing cream was sent to me by the company for review purpose last year. While writing the review, I could not find any details about it online neither could I find it in the market and the company did not reply my emails so the review was dropped. This thing works like a charm for ichy skin. I have been using it on my face and body after hair removal. It instantly soothes the skin and reduce the redness dramatically. 
  • The next product you see is a cuticle oil in lemon smell by Classics. I got this from Pakistan about two years ago I think. This is a must have product if you do your manicures at home. I have been using it every month since I got it and look at the quantity I used.
  • Last in this category is Sensodyne's Gentle Whitening toothpaste. I use tea more than an average consumer I guess and that causes stains plus I also have sensitive gums. Before this toothpaste I tried many other but I would get stains on two particular spots on my teeth. I gave up and thought that it might be my weird teeth structure that is causing this. Then I spotted this toothpaste, used it for about 4-6 weeks and I found visible difference in the spots. It does not give the ultra whitening effect but it lightens the previous spot and prevent new stains. This is my second tube now and I am loving it. FYI I am not a brushing fanatic, I brush my teeth only twice a day i.e., morning and night & it still worked good for me. 
That is it for the second post of this series. You can find the rest of the posts in this series over here.

Do leave your feedback as I love to read and reply to your comments. Also, let me know in the comments if you want me to review any particular product in detail.

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  1. I spotted Rosken Skin Repair. I use that everyday after shower and at night I put on my peg and feet before sleep and as well as my hand. I get dry hand after.washing.

    Nice post!

  2. I haven't tried any of these products but I am looking forward to get my hands on the L'Oreal shampoo you mentioned. My mum and dad love Sensodyne :D Thanks for the awesome post! :) xx

  3. So many things in here I haven't tried yet, I'll definitely be referring back to this post of yours.

    L'oreal hair care will definitely make it to my yearly favorites too!:) xx

  4. Im particularly want to try L'Oreal Shampoo as I've pretty oily scalp and Dermalogica exfoliator too !!!! I use Sensodyn toothpaste too though Im notta tea drinker but I've sensitivity issues and its best for that :)
    Thanks for sharing <3 xxx

    1. Sana, this shampoo is not for oily scalp (it is not written over it). It worked for me but my hair gets oily in almost same amount of time.

  5. A great post as always. I have oily hair too, might give that shampoo a try. Thanks for sharing. xx

  6. Good tips given.Would like to follow those.Thanks for putting up.Would like to read more on the same lines...


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