piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012 - Nail Colors in 'Amethyst & Tease' - Review & Swatches

The day I was really excited about is here. Today is piCture pOlish's Blog Fest. About 80 bloggers all around the world will be posting their reviews & swatches on beautiful nail colors by piCture pOlish today. I was given an opportunity to review these beautiful nail colors called 'Amethyst & Tease' on blog fest day. I really like the idea of so many bloggers publishing their reviews on one day. Let's see how I found them.
Nail Colors in 'Amethyst & Tease' by piCture pOlish
Product Description & Packaging:
Both of these bottles are transparent and made up of glass like the usual ones. The handle has a rubber grip. Each bottle contains 11ml of product. The products reached me via a reliable courier service and everything was nicely packed.
Please note that there was a minor malfunction at piCture pOlish and 'Tease' came to me labelled as another shade. I changed the label on the pictures and it might look a bit odd.

Nail Color in 'Amethyst' by piCture pOlish

Amethyst  is a new shade and very special as it is from piCture pOlish's new ‘Collaboration Collection’ and was jointly created by Susan from Star Trinkets (their Singapore Network member). It is a really nice purple/violet shade and contains white particles. It also has a blue undertone which becomes a bit visible when light hits the nails. It says 'Guards against intoxication' on it.

Nail Color in 'Amethyst' by piCture pOlish
Pros & Cons:

  • Nicely pigmented.
  • Smooth application.
  • Handle grip is really good.
  • Brush applicator works fine.
  • Two coats give full coverage to the nails.
  • Stayed on my nails without chipping for three to four days without a top coat (conditions; I do every possible household chore everyday and my hands have to deal with water all day long).
  • It does not stain nails much.
  • Easy to come off.
  • On application, the surface of the nail color starts to dry and you have to be really quick with application. 
  • It takes really long time to dry completely and you have to wait for atleast 3-4 minutes between each coat else they will slide off.
Nail Color in 'Tease' by piCture pOlish
Tease is also a new mesh shade. It is a gorgeous shocking pink/fuchsia shade with silver shimmer. It says 'Hope & desire equals curiosity!' on it. 

Nail Color in 'Tease' by piCture pOlish
Pros & Cons:


  • Highly pigmented.
  • Super fine application.
  • Handle grip is really good.
  • The brush applicator works fine.
  • Even one coat is enough to give full coverage but two coats make it look even more beautiful.
  • Dries super quickly.
  • Stayed on my nails without chipping for three to four days without a top coat (conditions; I do every possible household chore everyday and my hands have to deal with water all day long).
  • It does not stain nails at all.
  • Easy to come off with nail polish remover.


  • I did not find anything negative about this nail color. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Here comes the swatches with my not-at-all-pretty hands. So please focus on the nail colors only. =P
Nail Color in 'Amethyst' by piCture pOlish

Nail Color in 'Tease' by piCture pOlish
Overall Experience & Recommendation:

Amethyst is a nice color and looks pretty good on my hand. One coat of this nail color is not enough and I have to apply second one. It looks great, once completely dried, it stays nice but I am not really comfortable with the drying time. If I do not wait for about 3-4 minutes before I apply second coat, even if the second coat will dry completely and gets hard, it will slide. Once done applying the nail colors (2-3 coats), it looks like it will have a shiny surface but once it dries, it gives a grainy finish. I really like that finish and texture but if someone does not like it, a clear top coat can give a shiny and smooth surface. 
The blue undertone looks absolutely  fabulous and I feel like it gives two shades when I am under sunlight. It even reflects a bit under normal lighting. 

Tease is just amazing. I fell in love with this nail color when I first applied it on my nails. It gives really smooth and even application even if I am in hurry. It dries really quickly which is less than a minute but I will say that give it atleast two minutes to get completely hard before you do anything else. The silver shimmer that it has looks kind of pink when it is on nails but when I remove the nail polish, the first swipe of remover leaves absolute gorgeous silver shimmer on nail and removes the pink shade. It looks beautiful as well. Even though it has lots of shimmer, it is not at all difficult to take off. It gives a rough textured finish due to shimmer it has and I just love that. A clear top coat gives this one a smooth and shiny finish as well. 

Both of these nail colors stay on me for 3-4 days before they start to chip off and that is without a top coat. I wash, cook, clean and take care of my family everyday and I wash my hands everyday for like 30 times and more, no kidding. Plus the continues water and soap during dish washing is another factor. So I think it should stay for more than 10-12 days on people who do not have to do all the house work and who apply a clear top coat. I love how piCture pOlish gives each of their nail color a tag line

Overall, I am happy with both of these nail colors. They look really nice on nails. While I was testing these nail colors, I had pink on my right hand and purple on my left and I had to go to an unexpected dinner. I got into my favorite black polo shirt and dark blue skinny jeans and these nail colors added such a fun into my outfit. Moreover, people really liked the combination I 'chose'. =)

If you are looking forward to get some fun colors for yourself, you should get these. People who are in a hurry all the time like mothers, working ladies etc., Tease would work better for you than Amethyst and people who have some time to wait for the nail color to dry, you can go for both of these. I am sure that whoever will buy Tease, will fall in love with it instantly.

Nail Colors in 'Amethyst & Tease' by piCture pOlish

Cost & Availability:
Both of these shades are available from today. Amethyst costs AUD$11.50 and is exclusive at piCture pOlish's website and Star Trinkets. Tease costs AUD$9.50 and is available at piCture pOlish's website and at all Network members. You can visit piCture pOlish's website here to buy these. For piCture pOlish's lovely consumers, they have made it really easy for you to buy these beautiful nail colors by scanning the QR Code from your phones. This will take you directly to the page from where you can buy it. piCture pOlish ships worldwide. Don't forget to check out their Facebook page here.

Nail Colors in 'Amethyst & Tease' by piCture pOlish
What do you think of these nail colors? Have you used any nail colors by piCture pOlish already? Do leave your feedback!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I had fun being part of piCture pOlish's blog fest 2012. Thank you for your time. Don't forget to Like, Tweet or Pin this post by sharing buttons below/above this post. =)

*Stay Beautiful

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