Sigma Mini Haul - July 2012

I was thinking to buy some brushes from Sigma but could not save enough money to have my hands on some. But this July, Sigma made me place an order by offering an amazing complimentary gift on all purchases over $30. Let's see what I ordered and how was the free gift.

I did not place a really big order as I did not have enough money to pay that massive amount of shipping charges. I opted regular non-trackable shipping method and kept my order minimal as chances were that it might be lost during transit. I ordered three brushes even though I had one of them already. I paid $41.86 including shipping charges. Let us move to the details. 

P86 - Precision Tapered Brush by Sigma

P86 - Precision Tapered: I wanted to get Synthetic Precision Kit which you can see herebut keeping my pocket in mind I ordered this brush only. This brush is specifically designed for precised concealer application and I needed a brush for that purpose. This brush costs $14 and you can find further details about this brush or buy it  here

E40 - Tapered Blending Brush by Sigma

E40 - Tapered Blending: This brush is my most favorite out of all the Sigma brushes I have ever used. I have this already which came in Travel Kit, that you can see here. This brush is designed to blend eye shadows but I find it a bit too big for my eyes. Instead, I use it to contour my nose, apply highlighter to face and to apply concealer under eyes. I will be reviewing all of these brushes in my future posts but for now, this brush gives really natural and air brushed finish when used to apply concealer. This brush costs $11 and you can find further details about this brush or buy it over here.

L-05 - Lip Brush by Sigma

L05 - Lip: Again, I needed a lip brush that is precise. I saw this on Sigma's website and I was really happy to find it as it is kind of retractable and you can close it. (makes sense?) This way this brush will not mess up my brush kit after usage and it is more hygienic and travel friendly. This brush comes in complete brush sets also. This brush costs $9 and you can find further details or buy it over here.

Mini Eye Shadow Palette by Sigma

And my complimentary gift. My order without shipment charges was for $30.60 (after a 10% discount of $3.40). Sigma is offering a Mini Eye Shadow Palette with every order above $30 (excluding shipment) but only for the month of July. I am including swatches of this palette for you guys. This palette contains one eye shadow from three eye shadow palettes that Sigma already launched and I must say that the selection is really great. All three shades can create a beautiful eye makeup look without using any other eye shadows. Moreover, it has a really nice mirror which is good for traveling. Sigma used to offer this palette on orders above $75 but this month, they are being too generous for their consumers. If you haven't placed your order yet, you really should as this offer is ending on 31st of July. You can see the full sized eye shadow palette over here. 

Mini Eye Shadow Palette by Sigma
About shipment time and charges, I paid about $11 and it was without tracking but my order reached me in about two weeks which is incredible. To get 10% off your entire purchase, you can use coupon code AP2012 (valid till July 31st, 2012). You can browse the whole range of products by Sigma by clicking here.

If you are living in Pakistan, you can get these brushes from Enhanced Beauty (wholesaler of Sigma in Pakistan) by clicking here.
I hope you have enjoyed my mini haul. Thank you for your time. Don't forget to Like, Tweet or Pin this post by sharing buttons below/above this post. =)

*Stay Beautiful

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