June 2012 Haul - Makeup, Tools, Shoes & Accessories + Free Goodies!

Here comes my June 2012 Haul post. Last month I bought something I waited to buy for so long. How could I not share with you all? =) Details & prices are in the post.

Philips Limited Edition Epilation Set HP6540
Since I moved to Malaysia, I couldn't find a good place for waxing and not even wax for home use.  Eventually I ended up with my least favorite method of hair removal, 'shaving'. Painful and time taking. I saw this set by Philips a few months back and I wanted to buy it right away. I couldn't because I always spent my money on other stuff and the moment I remembered that I wanted to buy this epilation set, I did regret alot. But I don't really regret it now as it was for RM200 (approx. PKR 5935) before and now I bought it for RM169 (approx. PKR 5000) =D plus I got some free goodies on my purchase. Yayyy!!! Even RM200 was amazing for this three piece set. I saw single piece epilators for more than this price. I bought it from Guardian - Sunway Pyramid. 
L'Oreal True Match Foundation, Falsies, Hair Pins & DUE Lash Adhesive
L'Oreal's True Match Foundation in 'Golden Beige' - RM49 (approx. PKR 1450). I heard this foundation is for about PKR 2500 in Pakistan, is that true? Bought it from Guardian - Sunway Pyramid.
DUE Lash Adhesive - RM40 (approx. PKR 1185). This one dries clear and I had a hard time finding it. I was told that I could get it from Sasa but I never found it there or anywhere else. Finally got it from MAC in Sunway Pyramid.
10 Pair of falsies - RM10 (approx. PKR 295). Bought them from 'Lash Bar' - Sunway Pyramid.
Bobby Pins - RM5 (approx. PKR 150). Bought then from Daiso - Sunway Pyramid. I am posting this pack in this post because the casing was really cute and once I will lose all of my pins, I might use it to keep something else.
Synthetic Brushes, NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencils, Double Sharpener
Synthetic brushes, left one is for RM5 (approx. PKR 150) and the right one is for RM7 (approx. PKR 205). They have no brand but they are really good and fine brushes. They are also easy to wash. Bought them from 'Lash Bar' - Sunway Pyramid.
NYX Eye/Eye brow pencils are RM6 (approx. PKR 180) each. Their original price was around RM15 or something but I got them on sale from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia (online store in Malaysia).
The sharpener was for RM3.90 (approx. PKR 115) and bought it from Carrefour.
Free Goodies - Protex Manicure Set, Palmolive and ZA Pouches
These were the free gifts I got from Guadian - Sunway Pyramid. The pink pouch by ZQ is really cute but the zipper is not really smooth. But hey, it was free. =P Violet pouch is by Palmolive and it has a nice padding to keep the stuff safe. I might use it to keep my makeup safe in my hand bag. I really liked that manicure set by Protex. It has 5 pieces and is really great for traveling. The sales girl told me that this free gift offer is only available at their outlet in Sunway Pyramid but I don't know for how long.
Wire Hair Rollers by BornPrettyStore
I have no idea what I thought when I ordered them. =P May be they looked cute and yeah they were really cheap. There are 20 pieces of these in one pack and it costs me around $2. Bought it online from BornPrettyStore with free shipping.
Lastly, my flat shoes. I got these from Brands Outlet - Sunway Pyramid. They have a really huge variety for these shoes. They cost me RM60 (approx. PKR 1780) for two pairs.

I hope you have enjoyed my haul. Let me know in the comments if you want me to review any of these products. Don't forget to Like, Tweet and re-pin this post by buttons given below/above this post.

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful
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