Anime Lens by Uniqso - Review & a Look!

Let's add some fun into our eyes for a change and go crazy with these crazy lens by Uniqso.

About Uniqso:
' is an online store which is selling unique colored circle lenses/contact lenses and accessories for eyes make up & nails make up. We were established in December 2010 and formerly known as We have fancy & safe to use circle lenses/contact lenses, quality make up accessories and healthy water based nail polishes . We offer the best quality products for you through online.'
GEO - Anime Lens - CPA1 by Uniqso

The lenses came in a very cute box that is being used to store my rings now. Inside the box, there were two bottles with one lens in each of them in a solution. They come with a blue lens case. Everything reached nicely packed and safe. These particular lenses are from Anime theme called 'GEO - Anime Lens - CPA1'.

Product Information:
Diameter : 14mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 38%

GEO - Anime Lens - CPA1 by Uniqso

Pros & Cons:
  • Really easy to wear and take them off.
  • Adds such fun to eyes and are perfect for special occasions or photo shoots.
  • Breathable for eyes. (People who wear lenses would understand this)
  • Non irritant after the eyes gets used to to the lenses.
  • You won't even feel like you are wearing them as they feel really light in eyes.
  • I did not find anything negative about these lenses.
GEO - Anime Lens - CPA1 by Uniqso
In the following picture you can see how they look like from front and the back. 

GEO - Anime Lens - CPA1 by Uniqso
These lenses obviously won't look good without makeup, so here is a look with these Anime Lenses.
GEO - Anime Lens - CPA1 by Uniqso
Overall Experience & Recommendation:
I don't use lenses in my routine so trying some crazy lenses was a pretty good idea for sure. These lenses felt really comfortable in eyes. I don't know if they will be comfortable for long hours because I could not get a chance to wear them for more than 2 hours. I am hoping to wear them in some party when I get a chance. Let's see! =) I used to wear lenses to correct my eye sight and I remember it would take me about one hours to do both eyes. They won't go into the eyes, and even if they are inside the eyes, they would start feeling so dry and I would feel the need to blink my eyes over and over again. That was like 4 years ago and I know how much money I wasted on stupid lenses as we had no such thing as 'online prescription lenses websites' back then and technology was not that much advanced and so I gave up on wearing lenses. But since I tried these lenses and they did not feel dry at all and I couldn't even feel if they were inside my eye, I would have ordered 'prescription lenses' if I was still wearing glasses.

The quality is really good and I would definitely recommend them to my readers. No, it is not compulsory that you buy these crazy lenses if you are not going to wear them, but Uniqso has a very vast range of lenses that you should check.

Cost & Availability:
These particular lenses are available at Uniqso for $22.90 and they have a really vast variety of lenses at their website. Uniqso is based in Malaysia but they deliver worldwide. Check out their Facebook fan page here.

Are you a fun person who love to experiment with crazy stuff like these lenses? Have your tried any lenses from Uniqso yet?

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