Pearl Eye Liner in 'Rich Mahogany' by BeautyUk - Review & Swatch!

I love eye liners as they give a lovely and lively look to the eyes even without eye shadows. I also love playing with colors and I didn't think playing with a good quality color eye liner will be so much fun. I have used colored eye liners before but for me an eye liner is no good if it can't stay for hours.

Pearl Eye Liner by BeautyUk:
They say: 'A unique collection of glimmering, pearlescent liquid liners that dry with a pearl like opalescence. Liquid Liners can be worn alone, or smudged together to give you unlimited options.'

Packaging & Product Information:
This pearl eye liner comes in a plastic bottle. The bottom of the bottle it transparent and the design of the handle is great for a solid grip. The applicator has a felt tip and this bottle closes with a click feel so you know it is properly locked. Products reached me in a beautiful pink colored bubble wrapping, all in one piece.
This color is called 'Rich Mahogany' and its number is 5. The bottle shape is simply gorgeous.
Pearl Eye Liner in 'Rich Mahogany' by BeautyUk
Pros & Cons:

  • Highly pigmented.
  • Has a good grip.
  • Felt tip applicator gives precise application.
  • Dries in a few seconds.
  • Dries in a metallic two toned finish.
  • Smudge free.
  • Thin coat stays for long hours.
  • Water resistant (thin coat only).
  • Non irritant.
  • Thick coat comes off like a peel in some time and this application is not water resistant. (Makes sense?)
Pearl Eye Liner in 'Rich Mahogany' by BeautyUk
Pearl Eye Liner in 'Rich Mahogany' by BeautyUk
You can see two swatches in the picture above. The swatch on left side has a thin coat and it is only one swipe. This swatch stayed for more than 6 hours. The swatch on the right side has a thick coat, it is also only one swipe but with more product. This swatch could not resist water and came off like a peel but into tiny pieces (I wish I could explain it better).

Overall Experience & Recommendation:
This is an amazing eye liner and I absolutely love it. I have used it with and without eye shadows and every time I like it more than before. This specific shade dries into a two toned metallic finish from brown to dark brown. I have noticed that if I apply a thin coat and apply another one after the first one is dried, it stays for hours. If I apply a thick coat, it takes a few more seconds to dry and looks pretty good but it comes off on its own after some time and can not resist sweating. This eye liner never ever smudges once it is dried and the applicator is way too good and precise for winged application. It almost feels like I am applying a marker liner but with a thick consistency and everyone knows how easy-to-use marker liners are. One more and really important thing (atleast for me), when I apply a liquid eye liner and if it is just a bit irritant, I suddenly get small itchy bumps on that area but this eye liner is really easy on skin.
Overall, I love this liner and I am looking forward to get it in more beautiful colors. If you are looking for a smudge free, water proof colored eye liner, go-for-it. =)

Pearl Eye Liner in 'Rich Mahogany' by BeautyUk
Cost & Availability:
Pearl Eye Liner costs £3.49 (Approx. PKR 500 & RM 17) and can be bought from BeautyUk's website here. This gorgeous pearl eye liner is available in 8 different shades. BeautyUk ships worldwide. If you are living in Pakistan, you can buy it from for PKR 520 and this price is amazingly good.

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