Spa Solutions by Sigma - Latest Launch!

Finally Sigma has launched something that I badly needed for my Cleansing & Polishing tool. It looks like a must have thing especially, if you are already using Sigma's Cleansing & Polishing tool.

The Sigma Beauty Spa Solutions Kit contains three unique attachments for the Cleansing and Polishing Tool. The attachments were specially designed to create the ultimate spa experience.
Attachments in this kit:
Extra-Soft Brush: Recommended for gentle cleansing of extra-sensitive skin. Silicone.
Massager: Maximizes absorption of skin care products and stimulates skin circulation. Silicone.
Exfoliator: Best for removing dead skin cells to reveal healthy looking skin. Pumice Stone.
This kit is on my wishlist now. I so want these attachments for my Cleansing & Polishing tool. Click here to buy it now.
It is available for $29.00 & Sigma ships worldwide.

Coupon Code for February 2012:
Click here to get the coupon code for 10% discount on your next purchase from Sigma.
*Stay Beautiful


  1. Hello!

    Can I just buy the attachments for my old tool (the one with the 3 brush attachments)????

    1. Yes. You can use these with your cleansing and polishing tool. These are just additional attachments.

  2. it looks great, would love to try it


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