Meet My Son - Ryan Enjoying His Cycling Time - 3 Years Old!

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So many of you guys asked me to put up pictures of my son on Facebook. So, I finally thought to share this video of Ryan with all of you. Enjoy watching it.

A bit about my son:
Name: Ryan Adeel
Age: 3 Years & 3 Months

  • Watching cartoons & movies. His favorites are Barney, Little Bill, Team Umizoomi, Mr. Bean, Shrek (all parts), Cars (both parts) & so many others. =P
  • Water color painting.
  • Cycling (he is always ready for cycling)
  • Playing games on his dad's computer and iphone. His top favorite game is Bounce Up & a few other car racing games.
  • Playing with cars. He has like tons of cars and stills wants more.
Other Interests:
  • He loves to sit on the counter top in kitchen when I am cooking something of his choice. He can name alot of ingredients. =)
  • He helps me with the house chores as much as he can but for that, he should not be busy in above mentioned activities. =P

Ryan is a most adorable, sweet and a super genius kid (MashAllah). He is the sweetest thing happened in our lives & I'm really thankful to Allah Almighty for that.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief meet up with my son & yeah, don't forget to subscribe to his Youtube Channel here to watch more videos in future. Leave comments on his video on Youtube, so your comments will be saved and he will read them when he grows up. =)

Thank you for your time.
See you guys soon.
*Stay Beautiful


  1. Aww he is really adorable..his laugh is so epidemic ..couldnt help smiling myself.Bless him

  2. he is super cute and loved how u edited the video :)

    1. Thank you Pooja, and my husband edited this video.

  3. MA sherish he is very cute n if u remember me its good to see u and eddy blessed with an amazing cute son! MA stay blessed and happy

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. If I am not wrong, are you Hifza Khalid? I am pretty sure I am guessing it right. :)

  4. MA ur son is very cute and eddy pay gaya hai n if u remember who i am and im really happy to see u and eddy have been blessed with such an amazing kid tc stay blessed

  5. Awwwwww He is so adorable. Mash'Allah, i'm looking forward to his other videos :D

  6. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

  7. MashAllah he's looking so cuteee <3 ..


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