My Birthday Look & Yummiest Cake I Ever Had!

On my birthday this year I thought to play with a few colors to create a wearable look. Read the full post for product details.
First of all, I don't know why I look so white in the above picture. =P I used these eye shadows for the very first time and they gave an amazing result without any primer. I am so in love with them now.
Lets see what products did I use to create this look:
For Face I Used:

  • Mineral Foundation by Mineral Hygienics in 'Medium' (read review here)
  • Blush by Sweet Treat Cosmetics in 'Sugar Plum' 
  • Mineral Bronzer by Mineral Hygienics in 'Warm Kiss'  (read review here)
  • Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish by Mineral Hygienics in 'Matte'  (read review here)
  • Full Coverage Kabuki Brush by Mineral Hygienics (for foundation)  (read review here)
  • Duo Fibre Brush F50 by Sigma (for bronzer)
  • Blush Brush by Luscious Cosmetics (for blush)
For Eyes I Used:
  • Eye Shadows by Sweet Treat Cosmetics in 'French Vanilla, Sour Apple, Lemon Drop, Blue Raspberry & Macaron'
  • Eye Studio - Lasting Drama Gel Liner by Maybelline in 'Black' (read review here)
  • Double Trouble Mascara by Lashem (read review here)
  • Perfect Brows Tool Kit by Luscious Cosmetics in 'Medium to Dark' (read review here)
  • Angled brush by Luscious Cosmetics (For gel liner)
  • Blending Brush E25 by Sigma (one brush for all the eye shadows)
  • Small Shader Brush by Luscious Cosmetic (for lower lash line)
For Lips I Used:
As this is my birthday look, it will not be completed without the birthday cake. =)

This was the yummiest cake I have ever had in my life. It totally spoiled me. =P
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Don't forget to leave your feedback.
See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. You look great!! Love the eye makeup <3

  2. cake looks yummy :P
    Your makeup is just so perfect...Loved it !!!

  3. Makeup looks great and so does the cake! Happy Birthday!

  4. beautiful look u look gorgeous MA

  5. Amazing look u just awsum <3

  6. really pretty and i want a piece of your cake!!!!!!!!!

  7. I LOOVE your makeup, I love bright colors..the look is so gorgeous and you look lovely. And the cake is just soo yummy.

  8. The cake looks so yummmyy!!!! Love your makeup!! Your blending is superb!!! <3

  9. I love the eye makeup. Happy Birthday! :) x

  10. Lovely eye makeup . You were looking great <3

  11. Belated happy birthday hon. You look delicious and so does the cake :)

  12. I like the eyes. Very pretty colour combination =)

  13. I like the eyes. Very pretty colours combination =)

  14. Very PRETTY! Lovely colors. And, Happy Belated Birthday

  15. Makeup looks great and so does the cake! Happy Belated Birthday!

  16. Congratulations! Happy Birthday dear :D
    you look beautiful and flawless, perfect! ;D

  17. wow!! beautiful eyemakup!! loved it cake looks yummy too :P btw happy belated birthday :)

  18. Fab eye makeup. The cake certainly looks YUM! ^^

  19. yaar wow how beautifully u placed each color on ur eyes im impressed:)

  20. hey you look gorgeous...just like a perfect model in ist picture... grt makeup

  21. Wow The post looks, sounds and I bet, tastes Amazing .. :)

  22. Lovely selection of colors... i am your new follower :) please do some purple makeup as well

    1. Welcome to my blog :) You suggestion is noted. I will make sure to come up with a purple look in my future posts.

  23. What a beautiful makeup <3 Loved it

  24. Eye makeup really brings out your eye color! Gorgeous!
    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday! :D



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