NOTD - Graffiti Nail Art in White by Golden Rose!

For my very first NOTD, I am wearing Graffiti Nail Art 01 by Golden Rose. This is my first shatter nail polish.

To show you guys how this nail polish will look like on different colors I chose five different and kind of bold nail colors.
I applied two coats of every nail color and then applied one coat of White Grafitti Nail Art.
You can see that these bold colors did not look very pretty before, but after I applied white shatter nail color over them, I felt like wearing them for some time. I actually wore it for like 3-4 days, I love colors. =P
I bought this nail polish from Al-Fatah DHA for PKR 395 (pretty cheap eh?)
It is available in so many different colors.

These are the nail colors that I used as base coats. 
Check out the rest of the colors over HERE.
I hope you guys have liked this post. Do you own any color of this inexpensive yet pretty nail polish?
See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. looks really nice! the white shatter is amazing!!:) x

  2. hey thats really neat and cute. i cant find golden rose shatter or graffiti anywhere..:( christine and clarity's shades are amazing. what do they cost

  3. I couldnt find Golden Rose shatter polishes in Karachi! They look really nice on u and are quite reasonably priced! Love ur nail pics <3

  4. oh yea i saw that two months before in Alfateh, Liberty Lahore, at that time they only had 5 colors, i tried Red and Green color but both cracking was not as perfect like yours, :O, so their result change ma mind and i refused to buy :)

    your nails look excellent... <3

  5. Ive never tried crackle polish before! this looks so nice, you did a lovely job

  6. @cheeky should request Alfatah guys to get you cost 395..
    @Fakhra: I tried all of their colors on counter and they worked fine for me...
    @sidrah ... Thanks girl :)

  7. Great photos and presentation. Loved the post!! :) xx

  8. your Notd with the crackle coat inspired me to buy one for me =) looks pretty.

  9. good to see so extensive varaities on same blog love to see shimring colors..:)


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