NEW Pantene Aqua Light a lightweight solution for hair you can swish!

1 in 5 Australian women think
Pantene is bad for their hair or weighs it down*
Introducing NEW Pantene Aqua Light a lightweight solution for hair you can swisssh

Pantene have announced the results of a national Galaxy survey commissioned to uncover what women really think about the brand and their hair. The survey* revealed that 1 in 5 Australian women, with as many as 1 in 3 Gen-Y women, believe the myth that Pantene weighs hair down and is bad for hair health, while an incredible 73% of Australian females have planned their life around washing their hair so that they can have that ‘just washed’ fresh feeling*.
In response to the results, Pantene have introduced Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light, a new care range with zero residue and zero weight, leaving you with beautifully nourished hair that you can swisssh...
Pantene Expert Stylist, Barney Martin comments, “There are so many misconceptions about Pantene in the market around silicones and that Pantene weighs your hair down, I hope that this new collection will help to put some of these to rest.
“Most of the time if women have a negative experience with a product it usually comes down to the simple fact that they are using the wrong product for their hair type. This collection is specifically targeted at women with fine hair who want hydration and that ‘just washed’ fresh feeling, without their hair feeling weighed down and looking flat or limp,” Barney concludes.
Pantene Scientists have formulated the new range using their breakthrough Clean Rinse Technology**. This system delivers hydration and rinses clean in just seconds with zero unwanted residue, leaving hair with a weightless feel.
Dr Jasmine Karsono, Pantene Scientist explains, “Within the new formula there is a combination of highly water soluble liquid conditioning ingredients, slimmed down silicones and a high tech gel structure, which easily breaks down upon rinsing.”
Interestingly, the National Pantene Survey* also revealed as many as 42% of females who have not tried Pantene admit that they have avoided it because of some negative perception towards the brand, including that it contains silicones.
Although we have slimmed down the silicones in this new range, they still play an important role in restoring hair health and protecting from future damage. Silicones are a key ingredient for haircare products, as they provide great scalp and hair compatibility together with outstanding hair caring properties,” said Dr Karsono.
Astonishingly 1 in 4 Australian women will potentially put their hair at risk unnecessarily by avoiding conditioner to keep their hair feeling lighter*.
Traditional hair conditioners contain ingredients which solidify when they dry on the hair, weighing the hair down. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light shampoo and conditioner contain a special cationic surfactant which maintains liquid-like properties at room temperature, meaning hair has flexibility and the freedom to move, leaving residue free and beautiful light hair.
Dr Jasmine Karsono, Pantene scientist adds, “Unlike many traditional conditioners, which are more creamy and give good conditioning but can weigh some hair types down, Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light has lamellar gel network with lots of very thin layers of ingredients which are loosely packed together in lower than usual concentrations. This means that the minute you start rinsing, the conditioning molecules can easily be broken apart.”
Barney Martin, Pantene’s Expert Stylist - Tips to Make a Swisssh...
Step 1. Cleanse - Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo
Featuring Clean Rinse technology with an incredible formulation that rinses off speedily to remove traces of excess residue and prepping the hair for the super-light conditioner. No silicones.
Step 2. Condition - Pantene Aqua Light Conditioner
The lightweight conditioner washes out up to 9 times faster than some other lightweight conditioners, minimising the risk of leaving a residue which can weigh the hair down.
Availability and Pricing:
Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner 350ml each, RRP $7.99 each
Available from October 2011

* Galaxy Research study conducted July 2011 (Gen Y includes 164 women between ages 18 and 29) **P&G technology 2010

Well, this sounds promising. Lets see when I will be able to try it =)
See you soon

*Stay Beautiful


  1. But how many hairtypes will it work for?

  2. @MIa..thanks girl :)
    @L. This collection is specifically targeted at women with fine hair who want hydration and that ‘just washed’ fresh feeling


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