My first BIG Haul!

My wait was over when my dad-in-law came to visit us and brought all my goodies =) yayyyy...

I placed my first order on Apothica last month and as they don't ship to Pakistan or Malaysia, I had to give my sister-in-law's address because they do ship to UK. I can't tell you what I felt when she told me that parcel has been delivered, all I wanted was to grab the stuff and use them. =P lol ..along with my order came the presents my sister-in-law bought for me.. Lets go into a bit details, shall we?
First thing on the menu is this sexy set called Notorious by Ralph Lauren. This was a present from my sister-in-law.
Up next are these beautiful jewellery items. I love em all =) Again a present. 
 I love shower gels and moisturisers and I guess my sister-in-law knew my need for some wipes as well. After all, what else could be best and simple to use after a dramatic eye makeup I am gonna do in my fututre post? =D -presents-
 Here comes the beauties I ordered from Apothica =) I can't wait to try them asap. There are a few products by Stila Cosmetics and one by Cargo Cosmetics.
I hope you have liked this post. Lemme know if you own anything from this haul. Also, lemme know which item you want me to review first?
Happy Eid to all of you. May this Eid brings alot of happiness for you and your loved ones. xxxx

See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. So many amazing things. The guitar ear rings are soo funky. =D

  2. Loving the products, pictures quality. The guita earings are pretty cool! ;). I would suggest stila review first.. :)

  3. the stila eyeshadow trio looks real pretty!

  4. AWESOME haul! Can't wait for your reviews. love those earrings <3 ^^

  5. @rish...I will keep your suggestion in mind =)
    @Sara: I wish I will just get one whole week in a room with my laptop and products :p without any one knocking at the door :p
    @everyone who loved guitar earrings: My guitar earrings are feeling like a celebrity :p

  6. Good thing you got everything so near to Eid:)Now your eid day will be extra special.
    Eid Mubarak and nice haul:)

  7. Those guitar earrings are awesome! And I'd love to see a review on the Cargo Eye Shimmer Collection!

  8. Amazing! Can't wait to hear what you have to say about these products!

  9. Wow nice haul!! you make me want to go shopping :D

  10. wowww so many amazing goodies u got :)


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