My Latest Buys + New Blog Design

Few days back I went to Alfatah - DHA in Lahore and spent so much time just to buy these products. I spent most of my time deciding which foundation should I buy as I am always confused when it comes to buy one.

Foundation I bought is by L'Oreal.
Gel liner & Liner brush are by Maybelline.
Nail filer is by Belini.
Sun screen lotion is by Johnson & Johnson.

I am currently trying everything and will be doing reviews on them once I get proper results.

And since I changed my logo, I thought to give my blog, some different yet elegant look. Your feedback is really important for me. Use the "Reactions" below to tell me how you feel about the new design. =)
See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. Hi sahrish , great bits you bought . ilove the gel liner. Just wanted to let you know your follower widget isnt working

  2. Thanks Sara for letting me know about the widget. I will look for some solution right away :)

  3. Nice haul it is. I really like the L'Oreal Foundation!

  4. This is a visual treat! Great picks. :) Your new layout looks great <3

  5. Thanks shang.
    Thanks Sara! Your comments mean alot to new bloggers =)

  6. Hey Sahrish! :) I love the gel liner as well as the trees and mountains behind it :D


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