Extremely Inexpensive Falsies - My recent buy!

Whats more good than a nice and inexpensive pair of falsies? 

As you guys know that I have moved to Malaysia, I recently went to a shopping mall over there and while I was looking for some household stuff, I saw a huge cosmetic shop with a small stall, filled with a huge stash of false eyelashes. And when I looked a little above that stash, I saw RM 1(1RM = 28 Rs) written on a board! =O Really? I could'nt believe my eyes so I asked the sales girl if thats true? And yeah, it was. =)
I grabbed two pairs of these dramatic eye lashes. Lets see what they look like.

I haven't tried them yet but they look really dramatic and thick. Each pack came with a glue (that I am not going to try on my eyes :p). I liked the casing as it will keep them safe from dust etc.

I will try them as soon as I get some time. I don't know even if they will be easy on eyes or not, thought they look good.
Have you ever bought any inexpensive falsies recently? Share your experience!
See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. The lashes look lovely and I can't believe they were so cheap. Would love to see a pic with the lashes on :)

  2. I will surely post a picture soon :)


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