Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code
I am really excited about today's post because I have not one but two facial cleansing brushes to review. Featuring Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty, silicone facial cleansing brushes with s-ion technology. Let's dive right into the reviews.

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

Nion Beauty: (brand introduction)
NION BEAUTY is providing skin care cleansing device in USA based company developed by the team of from USA & Korea which combining Japan cutting –edge technology. NION BEAUTY Cleansing Device comes with Kinectic Skin Cleansing and S-ION Technology which make our brand more different with others brands. Our Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses vibrational energy to delicately break-up and whisks away impurities. It is using a gentle vibration mechanism to remove dirt, pollutants, impurities without stripping the face of its moisture. S-ION Technology is referring to a mix of rubber silicone and tourmaline which can generate negative ions to benefit our skin. Negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily. 

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

Opus Express: exfoliating facial brush
Offering unrivaled value and a whole host of innovative features, the Opus Express is this year’s must-have cleansing face brush. Ideal for those looking to explore the potential of S-ion Technology ®, it makes a great gift for a loved one and a fantastic treat for yourself. 

● 3-Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing®   Vibration. 
● S-ion Technology® silicone tip. 
● Easy to clean. 
● Safe to use in the shower. 
● Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included). 

Our Kinetic Skin Cleansing® System uses gentle vibrations, instead of relying on harsh and abrasive friction, to remove dirt and break up impurities without stripping your skin of the essential oils that protect against aging, dryness, and infection.

Water Resistant & Anti-Bacterial

OPUS 2Go ( pack of 3 units)
Perfect for jet-setters, this disposable silicone facial brush is packed full of features! Available in a variety of colors and showcasing our pioneering S-ion Technology ®, the handy Opus 2Go is a must-have beauty product for any trips.  Features: S-ion Technology® silicone. Disposable Last for 20 days use.  3 units per pack. 3 colors per pack. (White/Blue/Pink) 

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

My experience & thoughts:
When I received Nion Beauty's Opus Express along with their Opus 2Go mini brush, I was thrilled to try both of them and I am glad I got the opportunity to do so. Here are my thoughts on both of them.

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

Opus 2Go: (my thoughts)
Opus 2Go comes in 3 colors and I got the one in the off-white shade. This comes with a preinstalled battery that can work up to one month. I could not find any possible way to change the battery and to be honest, I would have loved the feature because even though it is tiny it works like a charm.

This travel size brush does not work exactly like the full-sized ones and is not too comfy to hold on everyday basis BUT it is so tiny, it can fit anywhere in a travel bag and I absolutely love it for that. Even though it isn't something that I will use every day or will take on longer trips but for an overnight trip, I am sure it will be in my travel bag. 

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

Opus Express: (my thoughts)
This was my first ever silicone face brush and to be completely honest, I was sure that it is not going to work for me. I have always used the facial brushes with synthetic bristles and they do work pretty good to cleanse and also exfoliate the skin but you can sometimes go a little over the limit and very easily hurt your skin by over-exfoliation. Here is where Opus Express won!!!

The brush has silicone bristles hence making is so soft and skin friendly, every single day and sometimes even twice a day for me. The exfoliation is to the minimum, almost how you feel after cleansing the skin with your fingers. However, the after results are nowhere like cleaning with the fingers. The vibration technology literally gets rid of the oil, dirt, and makeup on a very deep and thorough level. How I know this? I have used it for over two weeks and every time I used Opus Express to wash my face, the oils on my t-zone started showing really late unlike washing my face without using the brush. I have very oily t-zone and oil starts to show within an hour but not after I use the Opus Express. 

Moreover, this brush was really gentle on my skin when I was having skin issues. It has three vibration level and I use the hardest for my face while the lightest to work around my eyes and also on my eyes and eyelids. Yes, this is that gentle!

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code
Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

The brush runs on batteries and I like to use rechargeable batteries for mine. The brand also claims that the brush can be used in the shower, I have tried it and there wasn't any damage to the brush at all.

Overall, I am absolutely in love with this both of these brushes and I am really glad I had a chance to try both. The price point is also pretty awesome for Opus Express and the sleek design and the pouch that comes with it makes it easy to travel with.

I highly recommend that you try Opus Express and I know you will love it too. This is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin type and who want to use a facial cleansing brush every day because it does not exfoliate the skin.

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code
Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

Cost & Availability:
Opus Express comes with a price tag of RM 187.90 & Opus 2Go costs RM 140.90 (3 pieces)
You can buy these both from physical stores and online stores. I am including all the details below!

ONLINE STORES - All the link will open in new windows/tabs & they are clickable.

Selective Wastons Physical Locations:
  • Putrajaya > Ioi City Mall
  • Kuala Lumpur > Mytown | Pavilion Kl Shopping | Suria Klcc | Ampang Point
  • Selangor > Sunway Pyramid | Â Aeon Kepong | Aeon Cheras Selatan | One Utama Shopping Centre
  • Penang > Gurney Plaza | Queensbay Mall
  • Perak > Kinta City Shopping
  • Pahang > Sky Avenue
  • Melaka > Dataran Pahlawan
  • N. Sembilan > Aeon Seremban 2
  • Sarawak > Bintang Miri Sarawak

Opus Express & Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty - Review & Discount Code

If you have any questions and queries regarding Opus Express and Opus 2Go by Nion Beauty, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful
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  1. That looks like a really effective cleansing device. I have been using silicone cleansing brushes for a long time, and I really like them. This one seems really good.

  2. I love silicone brushes. Sadly, I can’t find the electric cord to charge my Foreo Luna, and I’m lost! The Opus looks like something I would love

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  4. I love silicone bristles for sensitive skin like mine!

  5. I love using a silicone brush and this one seems very nice,

  6. I like silicone brushes for my sensitive skin, this sounds like a good one.

  7. Good to know this is very gentle! You have amazing skin!

  8. What an interesting device! I've never seen this one before. I might need to try and find a place to get one, although I do love my Clarisonic.

  9. This looks and sounds like an amazing brush system. It's really making me rethink my system which uses brush heads instead of the silicone like this one does.

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