Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set by Femi Cosmetics - Review

Having good quality makeup brushes does not mean they always have to be super expensive and hard on your pockets. I tried Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set by Femi Cosmetics and I must say I am impressed. Do you want to know why?

Product Description & Packaging:
This is a mini brush set containing a pouch with magnetic lock system and seven brushes for eyes, lips and face. The pouch is made up of a water resistant fabric. Everything came to me nicely packed.

Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set by Femi Cosmetics 

Pros & Cons:


  • A perfect kit for travelling. 
  • Quality is really good.
  • Pouch has nice slots that can also be used for other makeup things if not being used for these brushes.
  • Brushes do not shed much.
  • Easily washable.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Good handle grip.
  • Good for sensitive skin types as well.

  • I did not find anything negative about this brush set.

Brushes details and their use:
Face Brushes from  Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set by Femi Cosmetics

Contour Brush (left) & Blush/Foundation Brush (right)

The two brushes in the above picture are for face. The one on the left side is angled brush and is really good for contouring. The brush on right is slightly round and is good for powder foundation and blush. 

Eyes & Lips Brushes from  Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set by Femi Cosmetics

Left to right; Small flat brush, Angled brush, Smudge brush, Medium flat brush and Large flat brush. 
Small flat brush can be used for small details in eye makeup but for me this worked perfectly for lips. This one is washed but a bit stained because I left OCC Lip Tar on it over night. I hope it will come off after I will dip it in olive oil. 
Angled Brush is stiff but not too much.This works great for filling in eye brows and applying eye liner. 
Smudge Brush is also stiff and it works great to smudge eye liner and as it is not way too stiff as normal smudge brushes are, it works good as a blending brush as well.  
Medium and large flat brushes are really great for eye shadow application and to blend them as well. They pick up the product nicely. 

Overall Experience & Recommendation:
First of all, you must be wondering where is the seventh brush in second picture? I honestly have no idea.=P I just saw it while writing this post and now I am too lazy to take the picture again. Apologies for that.

These brushes have great quality. I liked how this brush set has brushes that are enough to work on your face, eyes and lips especially when you are on the go and carrying the whole stash of makeup brushes is not possible. Mini brush kits usually have small brush handles and hence making is a bit hard to use but handles for this brush set are reasonable and give nice grip. These brushes are not too stiff and the bristles are not packed too tightly making is easy to wash and dry quickly. I used these brushes to create a smokey eye makeup and I must tell you that It did not take any effort to wash them.

I cannot use brushes that are harsh on skin as my skin is sensitive. These brushes are really soft for the skin and the face brushes are really smooth for sensitive skin type. I have washed these brushes many times and I noticed some shedding in face brushes on first wash but after that, they did not shed at all.

I also liked the pouch alot. It has a magnetic lock system and it does not open by itself even in the hand bag. If I am carrying my other travel brush kit with me, I use this pouch to carry lipstick and a few liners.

Overall, I am really happy with the mini brush set. So many people were asking me for a brush set with reasonable price tag. This is the answer. Everyone who is looking for a synthetic brush set that has basic brushes, should try this. Also, people with sensitive skin will absolutely love this.

Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set by Femi Cosmetics

Cost & Availability:
This Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set costs $25. Website for Femi Cosmetics is coming soon but meanwhile they are taking orders via email ( They ship worldwide. Check out Facebook fan page of Femi Cosmetics.

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