Brow Gel by Mineral Hygienics - Review

Well defined eye brows make a huge difference on anyone's face and people who are into makeup, cannot deny the importance of a brow gel. For me this is a must have product in my makeup kit at home or on the go.

Brow Gel by Mineral Hygienics:
They say: 'This Clear and Conditioning Brow Gel gently shapes, defines and holds brows in place without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. Specially created with rich natural conditioners and essential oils, this luxurious formula can be worn alone or layered over Mineral Hygienic's Brow Powder or Brow Pencils to lock in a lasting finish. This Gel can be used for both dark and light applications.'

Brow Gel by Mineral Hygienics

Product Description & Packaging:
This brow gel comes in a plastic tube with a clear bottom part. It has a spooly brush applicator that is stiff enough to brush the eye brows while setting them in place. Mineral Hygienics always send their products in a box filled with lots of packing material to ensure the safety of the products during transit.

Pros & Cons:

  • Clear gel works for every skin type and color.
  • Spooly brush applicator works really nice in brushing the eye brows.
  • Brow gel dries in reasonable time.
  • Eye brows stay in place for long hours if you don't sweat.
  • The gel does not give a 'hair sprayed' finish. 
  • Non irritant. 

  • The gel just vanishes as soon as I start to sweat.

Brow Gel by Mineral Hygienics

Overall Experience & Recommendation:
I am a person who always prefer natural but neat looking eye brows. I fill up my brows but I like to keep it as natural as possible and I always set them with a brow gel. There are days when I am in a rush and just don't have time to fill the brows but I never leave home without a brow gel on my brows. Believe me or not, it makes a huge difference. One quick application of a brow gel with a spooly brush and you will notice how perfectly it makes the shape of your brows look more enhanced and neat.

This Brow Gel by Mineral Hygienics has worked really great for me. It dries up in decent time and stays put for 4-6 hours and more. The best thing I liked about this gel is that it adds a bit of shine on the brows but they never look stiff like you have applied a hair spray.

The only thing I noticed which is bad about this product is that it is not sweat resistant so as soon as I start to sweat, the product disappears and stops working.

Overall, I really liked this product since I first used it. Everyone should give it a try and especially people that has curly or wavy brow hair. But if you sweat too much due to being in an area with hot weather, this might not work for you.

Brow Gel by Mineral Hygienics

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Brow Gel by Mineral Hygienics
Cost & Availability:
This Brow Gel costs $12 and you can buy it from hereThey ship worldwide. Mineral Hygienics also give their customers reward points on every purchased item that can be utilized on future purchases. Doesn't it sound like double discount?

Do you use a brow gel? What is your favorite one? 

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