Combination of two Passions by Pinkpuff Princess - Guest Post

 'This is a guest post'
Hi friends,
Today, I am really excited to share this post with all of you and the reason behind is my forever obsession Kpop. As I am a nail art guru @ YT so, I thought to blend these two passions of mine into one. I saw many girls who were craving for such tutorials and there were not of it available so I decided to do it.
All girls love to decorate nails and these days Japanese have introduced a completely new level of creativity in nail art industry. Creativity and inspiration lead to a good nail art design which is appealing in every sense. Many new tools and equipments are being introduced in the market to make nail art easy and due to which the competition in this business is increasing day by day.
It has always been fun by being inspired by male group's MV's or photo shoots and then doing nail art on that concept. And the best part is when I get a lot of admiration for my work. I have always believed being a girl that if I like something then nail art is a good way to express it.
I try to keep my designs as easy as possible so for the people who do not know how to do nail art can easily do it. My main focus is mostly to bring easy ways to do a difficult nail art because sometimes complex designs attract girls.
 I have done nail art inspired by many different KPOP bands and mostly are boy bands. My mostly KPOP designs are related to DB5K and other than that I have attempted SS501, 4Minute, Infinite, Super Junior, SHINee and many more.
Thank you Neha for sharing your passions with everyone =)


  1. I dont know much about kpop but ur nail art is amazing:)

  2. great!!!!!!!! I love all the desings


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