Want to be a Sigma Affiliate like I am?

Hey Everyone! I applied for the Sigma Affiliate Program some time ago & now I am working as one =) Its not just that you affiliate with them and promote their company, but you get to make money while sitting at your own home.
If you want to become one then keep on reading =)

This is how it works & what you get: 
You can make a 10% commission if someone makes a purchase by clicking on your link, and your also get a 1% commission if someone makes a purchase using your sub-affiliate's link. 

Sigma - Introduction:
They make high quality hand made make up brushes. They make eye, lips and face brushes, they sell individual brushes as well as brush kits. They have launched their eye shadow palettes and skin care products as well.

What is the Sigma Affiliate program?

A program offered by Sigma where you can earn 10% commission on your direct sales. When you SIGN UP for their Affiliate Program, You get a link with a special code. If you have placed that link somewhere on your blog, Facebook page or YouTube Channel & someone clicks it and shop from their website, you get a 10% commission PLUS a 1% commission on all sales of your sub-affiliates. They also have started their Rewards Program, that you can see by clicking here.

How to apply?

1. Go to Sigma's website, and click on second option names as 'Join Program' under 'Become an Affiliate' tab in menu bar. Join the Sigma Affiliate Program.
2. Create a new account or sign in.
3. Fill out the tax info, they WILL ask for your TAX ID or SSN (they need this in case you make commission, they need to report that to the IRS). But if you do not have that, you can give them your identity number that has been given to you from your country. (e.g., I gave them my CNIC number because that's what we get in Pakistan)
4. Submit your application.

What are the benefits of becoming a Sigma Affiliate?

  • 10% commission on direct sales.
  • 1% commission on sales of your sub-affiliates.
  • Reward program bonuses.

SOOO??? If you are STILL interested in becoming an affiliate, CLICK ANYWHERE ON THESE PINK WORDS :P & follow the steps I have explained above. =)

Good Luck

*Stay Beautiful


  1. Thanks for posting this. I wanted to know if you have a paypal account pr do u receive payments in checks? I live in Pakistan and we dont have paypal here. Pls guide me.

  2. @Ruqaiya: Well if you do not have PayPal account, you can get your payments in the form of gift certificates.

  3. i want to be an affiliate too i will surely try my luck

  4. i want to be an affiliate too i will surely try my luck

  5. what are the criteria for affialiation approval

  6. I have two questions:
    1) What is the criteria for the affiliate approval?
    2) We don't have paypal in pakistan, so where will a pakistani get their commission?


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