Halal & Cruelty-Free Matte Liquid Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount Code

Halal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount Code
Lately, I have been trying a ton of liquid matte lipsticks and I must say I am a huge fan of these. Today I have another matte liquid lipstick for you all and this one is also halal. Let's review the Halal Liquid Lipstick by Zahara Cosmetics.

Halal makeup is not just that is free of nonpermissible ingredients in Islam but all cruelty-free and vegan makeup can be considered halal and is safe to use for Muslims.

Halal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount Code

Halal Lipstick by Zahara Cosmetics:
They claim:
We proudly present to you Boss our Matte Burgundy Liquid Lipstick. These stunning matte liquid lipsticks apply smooth and creamy then set dry so that you can look beautiful without a worry. No transfers, and long lasting results, just the way we like it. Halal and high performance, a match made in heaven!
The extension of our best-selling nail polish #ladyboss in matte liquid lipstick form is built for the board room. Classy, powerful with the very slightest touch of sexy. This colour takes any smokey eye to the next level and is even perfect with a simple cat-eye for the easiest confidence booster.
Halal, high performance, smooth and creamy, matte, liquid, no transfer, long lasting

Halal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount CodeHalal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount Code

About the product: (packaging/weight)
This lipstick by Zahara Cosmetics comes in a cardboard box with a beautiful pattern on it, it is one of the high-quality box packagings I have seen by far. You might want to keep it because it has ingredient details written over it. The bottom if the tube is made up of transparent plastic and applicator part is made up of white plastic. The packaging is beautifully sleek, super sturdy and very high quality.

The tube contains a total of 4 ml of product.

Halal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount Code

Shade Description:
Boss is a deep burgundy shade when applied in full opacity. You can get a gorgeous magenta tint if you dab the product on your lips with your finger.

Halal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount Code

This baby is super pigmented, one swipe across your lip and you won't need another coat. Even when you use your finger to dab on the lips to get a magenta color, it almost goes to full coverage and you won't feel like you are wearing anything on lips.

Boss has a thick texture formula, almost like a mildly diluted paste. It helps with the opacity but with a shade like this, the edges of the lips get pretty tricky and a super clean application, every time, is not possible. This is not a very lightweight formula but isn't uncomfortable either. I actually pretty liked how it felt on my lips.

Upon opening the tube and also while applying, I noticed a strong, almost medicated, scent but it goes away as soon as the product is completely dried.

it has a doe foot applicator. I could not work easily with this applicator because it is stiff, really flat and is bigger than what most of the lipstick applicators I have tried. Plus, with a thick and fast drying formula like this, getting smooth edges was not an easy job.

That being said, I did not notice any steaking during application or any feathering.

Finish (& drying time):
It dries to a gorgeous matte finish without sucking the life out of the lips. Make sure to have scrubbed and moisturized lips prior to the application because this lipstick can enhance the dry and chapped lips (like most matte lipsticks).

This matte liquid lipstick dries super fast and while it is a great thing & saves time, you also need to work fast with your application process.

Transfer Test:
unfortunately, Zahara's matte lipstick is not completely transfer-proof. It leaves a tint on the skin of the person you kiss so there goes that claim. Other than that, I saw some transfer on my mug of tea but I would blame that mainly on the oils in my chae.

I would also like to include here that once the lipstick is dried on lips completely, it is highly water resistant but if your lips are wet, the product can get smudged so a simple pat-to-dry action is good here.

This part is, hats off, the best when it comes to staying power. It surely can stay all day long if you don't eat oil based food or if you are really careful. However, reapplication is not recommended by me because it will make your lips look flaky. Just take the product off with a wipe or makeup remover and then start over. I also did not notice any ugly residue left in the corners on my lips, if you know what I mean.

Removal is easy for this lipstick, it comes off fine with a regular makeup remover but an oil-based makeup remover like Garnier's Oil Infused Micellar Water, works like magic. The lipstick also does not leave any tint behind and I love that.

Price Point:
With a price tag of $22.00 SGD (about US$ 15.50 / MYR 65), it is slightly towards high end but it also looks like a high-end product so probably worth the money. Being halal certified can be a good point to spend your money on this product.

Final Thoughts:
I like this product but I am not in love with the formula to be honest. I feel like the applicator can get an upgrade and the color transfer should be worked on. Hoever, I absolutely love the shade and staying power of Boss and I drool over the packaging without any second thoughts.

All the claims made by Zahara Cosmetics except for 'no-transfer' claim were true in my experience. The 'smooth' claim is true as well if I apply the product with a lip brush but not with the applicator that comes with the tube.

Discount Code:
Zahara Cosmetics have been really generous to give me a 10% discount code for my readers. Use Sahrish10 at Zahara Cosmetics to get 10% off of your entire order.

Cost & Availability:
Halal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics is available at their official website, for SGD $22.00. They ship to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Australia. They also have free shipping available over certain purchase. Do check out their website here and their Instagram here.

Zahara Cosmetics is also available at Fashion Valet (shipping to Malaysia, Pakistan and 19 more countries. You can also find the brand at Lazada MY

Halal Lipstick in Boss by Zahara Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Discount Code

Zahara Cosmetics also sells a Halal & Breathable Oxygen Nail Polish that is also wudu-friendly. A review with a swatch is on it's way so stay tuned.

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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  1. Too bad that the formula didn’t work out for you because the shade is truly stunning. Also cool that it’s also a Halal product

    1. I also wished that the formula was as beautiful as that shade.

  2. It’s a very nice shade. The medicated scent will turn me off though

    1. I know what you mean but I am also relieved that it goes away quickly.

  3. I've often found that a little bit of transfer is the price to pay for a matte formula that doesn't dry out my lips horribly!

    1. I used to think that too but I have tried some other matte lipsticks that are transfer proof and still feel great on lips. This one transfers tint without even eating anything. My son does not approve lippie on his cheek :D

  4. The color is beautiful and bold. It's great that it's Halal.


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