Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and 20% Discount Code

Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code
Six Lippie Stix & a gorgeous box with mirror, called Over Brunch by ColourPop Cosmetics, is on my blog today along with the ColourPop discount code. Is all the hype about these pretty stix worth spending your hard earned money on? Let's find out.

Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code
Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code
Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code
Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code

Lip Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics:
They say: 'Our best spring shades edited to create the perfect pink pout ranging from soft nudes to rich berries.
Parker: Matte Lippie Stix; mid-tone warm nude
Payton: Matte Lippie Stix; peachy pink
Cami: Matte X Lippie Stix; cool-toned mauve
Faded: Crème Lippie Stix; rosey coral
Rooftop: Crème Lippie Stix; cool-toned pink
Mirror, Mirror: Matte X Lippie Stix; true berry'

Product Description & Packaging:
Over Brunch is one of ColourPop's many popular products. This kit comes in an adorable box with an attached lid that shuts with magnetic function. It also has a nice sized mirror inside. The kit comes with six Lippie Stix in shades; Parker, Payton, Cami, Faded, Rooftop and Mirror Mirror with mixed finishes. The packaging for all Lippie Stix is my favorite which made me buy ColourPop's products in the first place. =D They are made up of high-quality plastic, shut really tightly with a click and each stick contains a total of 1 gram of product.

Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code
Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code
Swatches are taken in natural daylight, on bare skin, directly from the tube.

Over Brunch Lippie Kit by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review, Swatches and Discount Code

Individual Lippie Stix Experience:
I don't always add this section but with mixed finishes and formulas, I felt the need to add details for individual tubes;
  • Parker (Matte) is an every day nude shade for me. It is not too brownish neither it is too pale. I have pigmented lips and it covers up in a very natural way. 
  • Payton (Matte X) is a soft pink everyday shade but a little bright for me. However, it makes you look really fresh but if you are wearing your brows or lashes. It might look a bit odd without any other makeup on unless you can rock that.
  • Cami (Matte X) is a stunningly gorgeous mauve shade. It is an everyday to special occasion shade and I think that it can go with pretty much any makeup look. 
  • Faded (Creme) is a dull coral shade. I personally could not like this shade too much on me and the creme formula just melts on my lips. you will know the reason later in this post.
  • Rooftop (Creme) is a bright but soft baby pink shade. I would have worn this shade if it was matte but with the sheen in the creme formula, it makes me look silly. I used to wear such shades when I was a teenager but now I cannot handle them anymore. Overall it is a nice shade. I completely forgot to mention that this shade leaves a dark pink stain which goes away in a couple of hours. Not complaining because the stain is pretty.
  • Mirror, Mirror (Matte X) armagawd!!! I mean ARMAGAWWWD!!! I swatched it on my lips one night sitting in front of my computer and I instantly video called my sister to show her this beautiful beautiful and beautiful shade. You might be surprised if I tell you that I do not wear very dark or very bright shades in everyday routine but Mirror Mirror is out of this world and it calls my name when I am thinking about wearing a lipstick. It is an absolutely stunning matte berry shade that I have ever tried. If you are into dark shades or even if you are not, you HAVE TO HAVE IT! Period.

Overall Experience:
Let me start with the packaging first, (storytime) when I was a kid, my mother used to have these long & slim shaped lipstick from Revlon and she would not let us touch those. I grew up, she still kept those expired tubes in her collection and I was obsessed with them until ColourPop launched Lippie Stix. There might be a lot more brands out there with the same packaging but specifically, ColouPop reminded me of my childhood obsession and I told myself to get as many as I can. so now you know how much I am in love with this packaging! Storytime ends so let's get back to the review.

They have great pigmentation and literally, one swipe can give you opaque coverage with a 4 to 5 and even more hours of wear time unless you have a habit of eating your lipsticks or you ate something oily.

The application is very smooth but a little different for each of the finishes; Creme stix have a butter smooth formula with a sheen to the finish, Matte stix's formula is also really smooth and dries quickly with an almost matte finish and Matte X stix have a smooth formula too but only when you have exfoliated your lips or you have naturally hydrated and non-chappy lips. The Matte X formula dries fast with a velvety and completely matte finish. From all three of these formulas, Matte X has the most tendency to enhance chapped and dried lips but that is what all matte lip products do and matte or not, you should always have prepped lips to work on.

All matte and matte x dry fast to their respective finishes but the creme has the finish same as the one you get upon application which is okay for the formula.

I noticed a pleasant but very mild scent in these lipsticks. I love scents in lip products but if it is too overwhelming, I don't always want to wear it and ColourPop made sure that I like the scent. They come off easily with a regular makeup remover and cotton or you can also use a makeup wipe.

I must say that I was first worried when I swatched the tubes on my skin, almost all the shades look a bit different but then I checked the shade description of Colourpop's website. I must say that all shades are true to the description provided on CP's website. For instance, Parker looked like a bit darkish brown for me when I looked at the tube but it is a perfect nude shade for me when I wear it on my lips.

I do not mean to be rude because ColourPop has my full respect and love for the affordable and high-quality products they make for us but as much as I was hyped about these Lippie Stix, I could not ignore the fact that one of the creme stix came kind of melted. I noticed it first when I opened them all for the photoshoot but I thought maybe the lights are too hot. One of the tubes was kind of wobbly when I twisted it up halfway and when I tried to twist it back down, it stopped and I kind of pushed it back without breaking it. I placed it in the room where air conditioning in on 24/7 but upon application, the formula just melted and now I cannot twist the product back up. I kinf of like the shade so I just use a lip brush to apply it but I also saw more people complaining about the formula for their Creme stix. Hopefully, this will be taken care of in future.

Overall, the packaging, the quantity, the formula, the application and price point; everything for these Lippie Stix in Matte and Matte X is a huge plus for me. I have bought a lot more of these babies and will review them really soon. I have a few more Creme to test out and I am crossing my fingers that they won't break on me.

Cost & Availability:
Over Brunch costs US$33 and is often on sale. It can be bought from ColourPop's official website here. If you are looking for individual Lippie Stix, each costs US$5.50. Just click on these names and you should reach to the product page; Parker, Payton, Cami, Faded, Rooftop and Mirror Mirror.

You can also buy ColourPop at ULTA now. Just click here to see the collection that Ulta is carrying.

Now for the discount code: you can get 20% off of your minimum purchase of US$15 and you can access the code from this link: ColourPop 20% Off!. Please note that this discount offer is valid for new customers only.

Have you tried any Lippie Stix from ColourPop? Which one is your favorite?

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