Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream by Eveline Cosmetics - Review

Looking for face & body cream that won't be heavy on your pocket? Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream by Eveline Cosmetics might be a solution for your need.

Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream by Eveline Cosmetics:
The innovative Whitening cream is effectively balancing the skin color. The formula brightens spots caused by age and by negative influence of sun rays while protecting the skin against the appearance of new changes. The complex selection of ingredients provides maximum moisturization, smoothing and refreshing of the skin. Cucumber extract - a rich source of vitamin C and organic acids, provides the brigh-tening of areas with accumulated pigment. Soothes, mineralizes and revitalizes the skin. Avocado oil - nourishes and deeply regenerates. D-panthenol + Allantoin - have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, intensely moisturize. APPLICATION: apply every day to the face and the whole body, to make the skin soft and perfectly moisturized.

  • reduction of pigmentation spots and discolorations
  • improvement and balancing of skin color
  • 24 hour moisturization and protection
  • refreshment and calming of the skin
  • for every skin type

Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream by Eveline Cosmetics - Review
Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream by Eveline Cosmetics

Product Description & Packaging:
Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream by Eveline Cosmetics comes in a white plastic jar with screw on lid. Each jar contains 200ml of product. This product has a mild scent and I really cannot describe how it smells like exactly but it feels very skin-care-ish, if you know what I mean. The consistency is actually the first of its kind that I have experienced so far. It feels fluffy & gel-like but goes onto the skin like a body butter or thick lotion. If you turn the open jar upside down, it isn't falling for sure and I have tested that many time. =D

Overall Experience:
If you have been reading my blog for some time, you would know how much I am in love and recommend their White Prestige range. I have repurchased this brand's product multiple times because they are genuinely good for such awesome price.

For this specific product, I opened it and the consistency kind of turned me off but I instantly changed my mind when I applied it. I am down to a few last ml of this product and you will be reading my experience based on the claims that Eveline makes for this cream.

I have used this cream every day since I got it and it is safe to say that it is indeed a great cream for body. It instantly moisturizes the skin and keeps it moisturized for good 24 hours unless I expose my skin to water. I have found it more suitable for me for my legs, arms and feet but since I wash my hands million times a day, I either reapply this cream of switch between two of my other current favorites. My legs and feet are super dry and this cream has helped my a lot but specifically for the dry heels on my feet, I need extra help so I use my foot cream atleast once a day.

After a month of usage, I noticed that many marks/scars on my legs and arms had gone really light which is a great thing for me as I keep bumping into doors, tables and beds all day long. Runs in the family I guess!! I also noticed overall evenly toned arms and legs. This thing actually worked for my knees and elbows. But I would like to mention that just like Eveline's Whitening Prestige range, I did not notice any whitening.

I also like to apply this cream to my arms and legs after I use my appilator for hair removal because this cream does not burn but calms the skin and feels quite soothing.

As far as my face is concerned, I used this cream for a few days but my oily/combination skin started to feel even oilier so I switched back to my trusty Day & Night Creams by Eveline.

Overall, I have enjoyed this product a lot and it can make a great and highly affordable solution as a moisturizer. This might suit others for the face as well but I only prefer to keep it for the rest of the body.

Cost & Availability:
Each jar of Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream contains 200ml and costs 395 pkr.

In Pakistan, you can buy Eveline Cosmetics online from just4girls.pk / daraz.pk / reforma.pk and from these stores: Karachi -  Naheed Super Market Bahadurabad & Shaz Store Behind National Stadium Emis Khada Market. Lahore - Enem & Raja Sahib.

You can also check Eveline's USA website; they have this product for $9.9. They ship worldwide.
Eveline Cosmetics' Official Facebook Page (click to open)

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