Saeed Ghani Herbal Skin Soap

All herbal products user get alert because I might have got something really good for you.

Product or Store Intro:
An advance skin whitening product.

Herbal Skin + is an advance skin whitening product, specially developed at Saeed Ghani’s Herbal laboratory; was created after years of pioneering research by combining the century old recipes with science and technology. Our skin whitening secret is a unique formulation with combination of natural ingredients extracts. That works by elevating skin clarity & brightness. The nutrients and exfoliates contained in the Herbal Skin + lightening formulas promote the generation of new skin cells and are highly essential in providing an even skin tone. The result is a silky white complexion that glows from within.

Product Description & Packaging:
This is just a regular looking soap comes in a regular card box packaging. The soap itself has a really intense fragrance; I think it is sandal.

Overall Experience:
I am not at all a soap user anymore, oh I mean, not a soap bar user. All I use is in the form of liquid/gel/powder, basically all enclosed in a bottle or something like that because I feel that is more hygienic and user friendly. Plus, anything that has intense smell, makes me sneeze a lot (allergies).

When I took this soap out of the box the first time, I literally sneezed a lot and just left it for a few days because I could not prepare myself to wash my face with something like this. But then I tried it and surprisingly, the intense fragrance does not feel intense once I apply it on my face. My skin gets oil and dust free instantly after wash and it keeps the oil away for good 2-3 hours on my T-zone. So I feel like it might be drying for people with dry to normal skin types. I cannot say if I my skin got lighter or not because I did not use it over two weeks. But every time I wash my face, I can totally see my skin glowing and I think that is because of that Ubtan in the bar.

Overall, I liked this soap as my skin feels really squeaky after wash plus it keeps the face matte (except for T-zone) for good 5-6 hours but I just cannot stand using a soap bar that has been exposed to dust while being open in air. It just does not feel hygienic. (I don't know if you guys are getting my point here)

People who like herbal products and use soap bars would actually love this product.

Cost & Availability:
I searched but I could not find the exact price of this soap, I would say that it would be around 80-120 PKR for one soap bar. As far as I know, Saeed Ghani is only available in Pakistan. You can order the soap in a bundle along with other products from (they ship internationally) or you can get Saeed Ghani's huge range separately at (they ship within Pakistan) but I could not find this soap at at this moment.

Are you a soap bar user or are you weird like me? 

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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  1. true i am not that happy with a soap bar too but you can get a nice soap box and store it. it would be clean and safe then!!!

  2. I am not into face soaps anymore:p

  3. I really enjoyed exploring your site.


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