MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious - Review & Swatch

Being a lip gloss person, I also want the color to stay on my lips for longer hours which is obviously not possible with lip glosses. As soon as Makeup Academy launched Kiss Proof Lip Stain, I ordered the most neutral shade from the range. Is it really kiss proof?

Kiss Proof Lip Stain:
At last colour that stays with MUA’s Kiss proof lip stain, the answer to the problem of 'bleeding' lipstick and lipstick that disappears all day long.

Kiss proof has a hydrating and waterproof formula which does not dry out your lips and is enriched with moisturising panthenol. Kiss proof is a felt tipped pen for easy application to create a perfect line and Kiss Proof Lip Stain comes in three natural tones that can be used alone or mixed to create a unique shade for your favourite colour. You can also use the stain as a base for your usual MUA lipstick or alone for a sheer lip enhancing colour or with Intense Kiss lip gloss.

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain - Review & Swatch
MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious
MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain - Review & Swatch
MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious

Product Description & Packaging:
This lip stain comes in a market like plastic packaging. It has a stiff and fine applicator tip and comes in three shades. The shade I am reviewing today is called Fabulicious. 

This swatch has been taken on bare skin; without any primer underneath and this is only one swipe of this lip stain.

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain - Review & Swatch
MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious

Overall Experience:
A marker like plastic packaging makes this lip stain travel friendly. The tip is stiff making the application very precise especially on the edges of the lips and you would literally feel like you are using a marker.

A highly pigmented formula with a mild scent that stains the lips really smoothly. It goes with full color onto the lips in one swipe. It dries really quickly and stays for over four hours. The formula is truly kiss proof and water resistant. There is no way it smudges or shifts onto your glass. However, I have noticed that it is not oil resistant at all. So if you eat anything oily that touches your lips, the stain is gone.

It dries out the lips as it sets to either moisturize your lips really well prior to the application or use a lip balm afterwards like I do. I have way too dry lips and if I don't apply a balm over it, my lips look cracked. I don't think this would be much of a problem for people with naturally moisturized lips but I have naturally dry lips and I have to have a lip balm or a lip gloss on my lips most of the times.

Kiss Proof lip stain has a good value for money and is suitable for all skin tones and ages.

Overall, I am super in love with this lip stain and I really love to use it under my lip balm and also under my light toned lip glosses and lipsticks to make my lips look more youthful.

To Summarize:


  • Nicely pigmented.
  • Applicator with fine and stiff tip makes the application very precise.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Stays for over four hours.
  • Kiss and smudge proof.
  • Water resistant.
  • Suitable for all skin tones and ages.
  • Non irritant.
  • Travel and budget friendly.


  • Dries out the lips.

Cost & Availability:
Kiss Proof Lip Stain costs £3 and you can buy it from Makeup Academy's official website. They ship to the countries where you have PayPal service. In UK, you can find this brand on all drugstores. In Pakistan, you can buy it online from

Do you like lip stains? Have you tried this one yet?

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  1. Did you say kiss proof?I must get these lolz.I love the products that don't have to be reapplied all the time.Thanks for sharing.Great post.xoxo

  2. Lovely color..Thanks for review...

  3. awww, y not lip swatched???? i want this stain so badly

    1. I will update the post with a lip swatch too. That might be late though as I am currently in the process of packing to move to a new place. =) Do get it asap, I so love it.

  4. I haven't tried much of lip stains yet, still, the idea of drying out puts me off .
    Thanks for the review.

  5. Thanks for the review. I wanted to try this out so badly. But, my lips are dry too. I don't think so I will buy it. xx

  6. It does look drying but it's a pretty stain! :) x

  7. This is so pretty! For the price, I think it's worth getting :)

  8. awww color is realy owsam, n vrey nice review <3 Thanks dear :)


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