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The Better to See With: Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frames:

You may wear contact lenses nearly all the time, but there are occasions where you will need or want to wear glasses. However, if you’re the fashion forward type, you may worry that wearing glasses will put a cramp in your style. Worry not. It’s not like the bad old days when your choices were thick black plastic frames or horn rimmed tortoiseshell frames. Even if you have really poor vision that needs radical correction, you should be able to find eyeglass frames that flatter your face, show off your eyes, and complement your sense of fashion.

Complementing Your Face Shape and Size:

Your glasses frames should be in proportion to the size of your face. If you have a small face, avoid large aviator type frames that can overpower your face and totally obscure your eyes. If your face is larger, tiny eyeglass frames, especially frames without lenses, may make you appear like a miserly character in a Victorian era drama.

However, matching the shape of your eyeglass frames with the shape of your face is often a mistake. Instead, choose frames that give your face the illusion of an oval, which is considered the ideal facial shape. For instance, if you have a round or a square face, your eyeglass frames should give the illusion that your face is longer and thinner. On the other hand, if you have a long, thin face, try eyeglass frames with contrast at the temples to make your face appear wider.

If you are lucky enough to have an oval shaped face, you have a broader range of choices in eyeglass shapes. However, you should choose frames that are no wider than the widest part of your face to avoid throwing your facial structure out of proportion. Walnut shaped frames are also a good choice if your face is oval shaped.

Color Coded Frames:

Eye color, along with hair color and skin tone, plays a major role in determining the best eyeglass color for you. Although there are variations, most eye colors, hair colors and skin tones can be characterized as warm or cool. Light blue eyes, golden blonde hair and peaches and cream complexion are considered “warm.” By contrast, dark brown skin, blue black hair and dark brown eyes are considered “cool.”

If your coloring falls on the “cool” side of the spectrum, consider frames that are black, sliver, darker tortoise shell or jewel colored -- such as jade or magenta. If you have “warm” hair, eye and skin tone coloring, eyeglass frames in gold, peach, white or fire engine red are often lattering.

Another factor to consider is that glasses should play up your best facial feature. If you have bright blue eyes, why not show them off with eyeglass frames that match? If your long black hair always draws complements, try on a pair of black eyeglass frames to determine whether they work for you.

Fashion Forward Frames

A common temptation is to choose frames that go with “everything.” While this is understandable, especially if you can only afford one pair of glasses, the result is often a drab pair of frames that you don’t like wearing. By contrast, choosing eyeglass frames that reflect the latest fashion and color trends helps you look and feel current. As long as the frames are not overly outrageous, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that even when your glasses don’t “match” what you’re wearing; your overall look is well coordinated, because your glasses reflect your personality and your style.

About Author: Chelsea Hasbrouck is an optical technician. She enjoys sharing her tips and insights on various style blogs. Chelsea believes there is a right frame for every occasion, but she still likes to have a set of disposable lenses in her bags at all times. Find out more about contact lenses at Lenstorewhere you can choose from a wide range of lenses online.

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