February 2012 Haul - Skin Care, Jewelry & Makeup Storage!

You might have noticed me saying in January (so many times =P), 'I am not buying anything for me for next 2 months'. But I still managed to get my hands on some cuties. =) 
Everything I bought was really inexpensive. I knew I don't need to buy anything but some where deep in my mind and heart, I was on a hunt for some inexpensive stuff that will ease my soul & I won't feel guilty as well. =P Lets see what I bought and for how much.
I bought four of these and one of them is now with my sister. They had no brand or labels but the bottles were incredibly cute and the size is almost the same as the small O.P.I ones. I totally love them.
Glitter Nail Polishes - RM 10 for 4 (PKR 300 for 4)
These ones are also really small but I bought them because they were really inexpensive, had really nice colors and looked so cute.
RM 5 for 3 (PKR 150 for 3)
Next up, I needed them so I went for some good brands. Left one is a scrub by Himalaya & right one is a deep cleansing foam by Elianto (my favorite brand).
Approx RM 14 for Scrub & RM 9 for Deep Cleansing Foam
This jewelry piece is a gift but I just love it. Its heavy and looks great.
Free - Oh I <3 Presents
RM 10 for 4 (PKR 300 for 4)
I actually needed some storage for my makeup and jewelry and I wanted something transparent, so I could see whats inside and covered, to save everything from dust. I bought one of these from Ace Hardware before but could not find more of these.
RM 5 each (PKR 150)

This one is slightly wide, so I got this for palettes.
RM 5 (PKR 150)
I got these to keep in the drawers for makeup brushes, pencils, mascaras, lip glosses etc. 
RM 5 each (PKR 150)
Lastly, I got these cotton pads because they were placed beside check out counter and I was in the queue. =P
RM 5 for whole pack (PKR 150)

Places I got these stuff from:
  • Glitter nail polishes are from some shop in Sunway Pyramid. This shop only had stuff related to nail art and it was AMAZING. I totally wanted to buy everything even though I didn't need it.
  • Feather earrings are also from a shop in Sunway Pyramid. I don't remember the names for these shops but this shop also had all kinds of jewelry. 
  • Storage stuff and cotton pads are from Daiso in Sunway Pyramid. For those who don't know about Daiso, everything they have is RM 5 (PKR 150). 
  • Other small nail polishes I got from Berjaya Times Square KL.
  • I got Elianto's deep cleansing foam from Elianto's outlet in Sunway Pyramid.
  • I got Himalaya's scrub from Carrefour, Subang Jaya.
So, that is it for my February haul. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know if you want to see a review on any of these products. There is going to be another haul for March that I am really excited about. =) To see my previous hauls, click here.

See you guys soon

 *Stay Beautiful
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