Beauty Blender - Original Or Fake? Different Shapes, Same Brand - Review

Beauty Blender - Original Or Fake? Different Shapes, Same Brand - Review
This is a long awaiting post regarding some confusions I saw regarding slight shape change in Beauty Blender. I have had original blenders since they came in the market and if I can't believe my own eyes, what else can I believe? Today I am sharing my experience with the Beauty Blender and also how I came to use two 'original' pink Beauty Blenders and yet they looked different.

You will see two blenders here, one is in big packaging and it used to come like this years ago if you are wondering what century I am from. The second one started coming in the market later and had slimmer packaging. So you will be seeing the words big packaging & small packaging in captions on photos so there is no confusion.

Beauty Blender - Original Or Fake? Different Shapes, Same Brand - Review

Beauty Blender claims:
beautyblender is easy to use: simply wet.squeeze.bounce your way to makeup perfection!
wet. beautyblender with water
squeeze. out the excess liquid, using a towel if available
bounce. foundation, powder or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results
cleanse. after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender's exclusive material.
replace. and never miss a bounce! We recommend replacing your beautyblender every 3 months.

Beauty Blender - Original Or Fake? Different Shapes, Same Brand - Review
Beauty Blender - Big Packaging
Beauty Blender - Original Or Fake? Different Shapes, Same Brand - Review
Beauty Blender - Small Packaging

Overall Experience:
I bought my first beauty blender from Makeup Geek's website and I am 100% sure that it was original. I bought many more from MUG's website because I was already buying other makeup items from them so adding a BB in my cart every now and then seemed reasonable. The older ones used to be a little chubby and came in a bigger transparent box.

Then I got another Beauty Blender, sent by a company for review. It looked different but once I checked online, the shape was changed on Beauty Blender's Instagram as well. The new ones have a slimmer shape and they come in a smaller box. I trust this website 100% as well and I have worked with them before so I know that this version is original as well.

In between these two blenders, I have used more from Beauty Blender and I also had an unfortunate chance to try a fake beauty blender. Trust me when I tell you this, you cannot tell it is fake unless you use it and that too only if you have used the original one before. I will cover that in another post in future.

Beauty Blender - Original Or Fake? Different Shapes, Same Brand - Review
Beauty Blender - Big Packaging
Beauty Blender - Original Or Fake? Different Shapes, Same Brand - Review
Beauty Blender - Small Packaging
Let's move on to the review; I know this is an unnecessary review since there are a billion reviews on the internet and that is the reason why I did not post about it in past. But here I am, jumping the bandwagon of reviewing this beauty.

Beauty Blender is supposed to be used when wet and once you wet it properly, it almost doubles in size. You can see the photo of the newer version how the wet blender sits on top of the container that it comes in.

It is really squishy and bouncy when you use it and works wonderfully with almost every formula of the product. I have tested my beauty blender for primer, foundation, concealer, finishing powder, contour, highlighter, and blusher and it works like a charm. Using it wet makes the makeup blends into the skin easily and removes any cakey-ness that you might have with a brush.

One thing that I really like about the beauty blender that it automatically picks up any extra foundation that you might have put onto your skin. This also means that it absorbs the product which can suck if you are on last bits of your favorite foundation but the skinlike finish that it gives in the result, is pretty satisfactory.

The big bottom is great to apply the foundation to your skin and the pointy end is great for precision required areas like under eyes, nose etc.

I have just raved about this beauty blender and there is no doubt that I am in love with the functionality of this baby but one thing just keep me from using it more often than I should. It is the cleaning part after every use. I know I can leave my brush unwashed for more than a week but I feel like if I will leave the blender unwashed after I have used it with a liquid foundation, it will start to smell bad and will create mold.

That being said, it is not too hard to wash if you wash it the same day and the product is still wet. But after doing my makeup, I do not have time or stamina to wash it immediately. I have more than one blenders for that reason and I wash them at the end of the week, to be honest. I use baby shampoo and sometimes my face wash and they both work perfectly fine. You do have to rinse it many times in order to get rid of all the soap because it is a dense sponge.

It can get stained with some foundations and at this point, I have made my peace with it. The stains are never huge and I don't get them always but I thought to mention it anyways.

Drying time totally depends on the environment. I live in Malaysia where the weather is hot and humid throughout the year and just like my makeup brushes, I keep the washed blenders under a running fan overnight and it is dried in the morning.

Overall, I love Beauty Blenders but I want someone else to do the washing. I know the price point is a problem for some people and even though the brand advised to throw away the $20 blender every three months, I did not do that. I kept it as clean as possible and one blender can last me 1-2 years. I do change the blender I use for foundation quickly than the ones I use for other products. Also, I use my blender less often than many people I know so that can also be the reason why I never felt the need to replace them too often.

As for the recommendation, you should give Beauty Blender a try at least once if you haven't tried it before and for all who have tried these and loved these, let's complain together about washing part and keep using them. =D Beauty Blender is also a great option for people who always get a cakey makeup finish when using makeup brushes. BB is just easier to work with when it comes to foundation application and you have less chance of making mistakes unlike makeup brushes in some cases.

Just to be super honest; I haven't bought any other type of Beauty Blenders which you can see on their website how they now have a huge range of colors and types according to different functions. The plain reason for me is that I do not use Beauty Blenders too much because I do not wear makeup every day and also, there are cheaper options in the market so spending $20 is not always satisfying for me.

Cost & Availability:
Pink Beauty Blender will cost you $20 mainly in the US but prices can be different in other countries. I am including some clickable links with prices & countries' names for your ease.
Worldwide Shipping: | Beauty Bay - $21.60 | Nordstrom - $20 | Makeup Geek - $29CultBeauty - £17 | Amazon - $20 |
Others: | Sephora USA - $20 | Sephora MY - MYR 99 |

Have you tried this Beauty Blender yet or do you prefer another brand? Share your thoughts.

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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