She is Sweet - Review

When a person who does not use perfumes in routine, uses one for its cuteness and brings you the review. Aham, you ask me why I don't use perfumes? Find out for yourself!

I don't, infact cannot use perfumes in routine because I am allergic to intense fragrances. I prefer very mild scents if I must use one. And then, I just cannot like every other mild fragrance either. Only fragrances that I loved in my entire life so far are; CK One by Celvin Klein and Begare. I am not sure if this was the name. I used it like years ago and then could never find it again. Closest that I could find for Begare was CK One. And whatever you read so far was not related to this review and is formally known as blabbing.

Sweet by Hunca Cosmetics:
Sweet: For those sweet enough to settle the matter.

Top notes: lemon, pineapple, pomelo and orange blossom.

Heart: magnolia, jasmine, lotus and melon.

Base: musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

Product Description & Packaging:
Sweet comes in a 15ml spray bottle made up of glass. Small packaging is sweet to be your travel buddy.

Overall Experience:
As I mentioned before that I am not a big fan of perfumes for obvious reasons, I still like to wear them once in a while. Sweet has an ordinary smell that is not too light but it is acceptable if you don't like to wear loud fragrances. It stays for longer hours and does not leave a stain on clothes.

Overall, this is a good and inexpensive option for those who like to carry perfumes during travels.

Cost & Availability:
Sweet comes in a couple of sets starting from RM 49 on It is a really common perfume line that is also available in Pakistan. You can find more details about it here.

What kind of perfumes do you like?

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  1. Nice review :) The bottle looks cute... :)

  2. Great review .. My cousin is also allergic to strong smells :) i really like your blog keep up the good work :) oh and i am following your blog now :))

  3. I also have some allergies problem from perfumes..
    This look so cute though


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