E5 Eye Lash Brush by Makeup Academy - MUA - Review

Have you ever wondered what you can do with an eyelash brush? 

E5 Eyelash Brush:
For application of mascara products and separating of lashes. This brush has synthetic fibres in a spiral pattern simulating a mascara wand design.

Product Description & Packaging:
E5 Eyelash Brush by MUA has a slim but long plastic grip. It comes in individual packaging and can be used for mascara application or to brush through eye brows.

Overall Experience:
Whenever my mascaras expire, finish or dry, I save the wands for future use. Especially when I want to use a mascara for a long time as using new wand every time causes less bacteria to go into the product and it is hygienic. I thought about buying disposable one but I heard they do not give nice results while saving my old mascara wands assured that I will have a good result upon application since shape of the wand has a huge role in final results.

When MUA launched this brush, I wanted to get a few of these but then I ordered one to give it a try. I must say, it gives really nice results in building up volume and to give length. The wand picks up product nicely and is so quick to wash. The fibres are of really good quality as well and the brush did not get damaged after many washes.

The only thing that irritated me was the fact that when you dip it in mascara tube, the product gets onto the grip and since I am not used to to have product on my brushes' grips, I ended up having black fingers. Well, I am getting used to it but with this brush I realized how all that product on the actual mascara wand never bothered me. Please don't take it as a negative point because it is not.

At the end, I would like to tell you how you can use this brush for a few different things;

  • For mascara application
  • To separate your eye lashes after mascara application
  • To brush through your brows
  • To color the roots of hair (people with grey hair would know what I am saying)
Tip: Using a disposable mascara wand does not mean that you can dip it in the product twice. Once you dip it, you should use a washed/new one for next dip.

Overall, I am really happy to have this brush. I am definitely going to order a couple more of these as soon as they are back in stock.

Cost & Availability:

You can get brush from Makeup Academy's website for £1.50.

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  1. this spooli brush looks great for separating eyelashes after mascara application.i like the idea of this one.normally i use old mascara brushes cleaned and saved for the purposes mentioned.Grip stays clean too :P As always love the photos xoxo

  2. I had thought about using new/washed wands each time and this seems to be a good answer for how one may do so. Thanks for sharing! :) x

  3. These brushes are very handy for separating eyelashes or grooming eyebrows :)

  4. Honestly, I feel its too much hassle using a new mascara want each time. But its a good handy brush for grooming eyebrows:) xx

  5. Nice review and great tips sahrish definitly gonna try them :)

  6. Please do a comparison between Luscious brushes and MUA brushes


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