Luscious Single Eyeshadow - Angel

Today I am reviewing this really beautiful eye shadow by Luscious Cosmetics.
This shade is called Angel and it is a really gorgeous lilac color.

I bought this eye shadow about a few weeks back. I loved it so much that I thought to share a review with everyone =)

This eye shadow is highly pigmented and I did not have to use much product for a reasonable coverage. It stays all day, like I kept it on my eyes for 12 hours and after such a long time I could not see any noticeable creasing. I also found it really easy to blend and there were no fall outs.
This eye shadow gives your eyes a sudden freshness and a lively feel. I love to use it when I want is a smooth coverage on my whole eyes.
I apply it with both, fingers and brushes. It totally depends if I just need an almost transparent and smooth coverage or I want a bit more visible colour on my eyelids.

I have used it without any primer or eye shadow base. So that you can see how it looks like without any ADD-ONS :P

The eye shade comes in a small black box. The eye shade itself comes in single piece and weighs 2.5 grams. It has a transparent flap over it so you can easily see when choosing a color from your makeup kit.

325 Pakistan Rupees!
It totally worth the cost because you don't have to use much product for a good result.
You can buy this gorgeous eye shadow online from Luscious Cosmetics! They deliver worldwide.

Will I buy it again?
Yes, definitely! It is a really good colour for everyday use and specially for summers.

Do I recommend this?
Yes, certainly if you want something in between subtle and bright, in your daily routine.

So, what do you guys think? Do you own this eye shadow or any other by Luscious Cosmetics?

Disclaimer : These are my completely honest views and this review is not sponsored.

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  1. Such a pretty shade,gorgeous color! Look pretty on u :)


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