Lippie Primer Lippie Stix by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review & 20% Discount Code

Lippie Primer Lippie Stix by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review & Discount Code
ColourPop made many awesome claims about their Lippie Primer so I had to buy it but was it worth it? 

Lippie Primer by ColourPop Cosmetics:
They claim:
Our Lippie Primer enhances the wear of any lip product and keeps your lips looking and feeling healthy! Smudge-proof & anti-feathering, it fills in fine lines for a smooth application and longer wear time.

About the product: (packaging/weight)
This lip primer comes in the regular Lippie Stix packaging; white plastic and twist-up mechanism along with a click-shut cap. It contains 1 gram of product. It has a vanilla scent and goes clear on the lips.

A creamy and velvety texture that goes nicely on the lips and even though you cannot see the product, you can feel it smoothing out your lips to a certain limit. If you try and use it on nack of your hand, trust me when I say this, you will instantly see a blur effect. I tried so hard to capture it on camera but couldn't.

CP claims that this primer enhances the wear time of lip products but to be honest, I did not notice much of a difference in that. However, with some of my less pigmented/blotchy lipsticks, the primer made them go onto the lips smoothly and enhanced the pigmentation.

It does fill in the lips to some extent but if you have lips like I do (natural lines), do not expect a miracle. As for fine lines, I do not have them yet but the primer does help with feathering. I do not have many lipsticks that feature on me but ones that do, they worked well with the primer underneath.

Price Point
Lippie Primer is worth $5.50 if you are going to wear it instead of lip liners and want better pigmentation from lipsticks that don't have a great color payoff already or if your lipsticks feather on you.

BUT, if you use liquid matte lipsticks, I would not recommend using the primer. Instead, lip scrubs and lip balms are better for prep. especially if you have naturally enhanced lip liner like I do.

Will I buy it again?
I don't like to use lip liners but lining with lipsticks can make a mess sometimes by feathering the product. Lippie Primer fills in those lines and gives me a smoother application while I still use regular lipsticks to line the lips. It is good to have a reasonable option at hand but I wouldn't miss it if I don't buy it, to be honest.

Lippie Primer Lippie Stix by ColourPop Cosmetics - Review & Discount Code

Final Thought:
Lippie Primer is a great product but it did not work exactly as it was described on CP's website but for US$ 5.50, it still works pretty well in a few ways. I did not find it moisturizing or miraculously enhancing the lipstick's longevity from 3 to 8 hours. If I am eating oily stuff, there is no way any lipstick will stay on me plus I am one of those lipsticks-eaters.

It does enhance pigmentation of some lipsticks and makes them go onto the lips, smoothly. I don't hate it at all but I am not able to love it either.

Again, I wouldn't say that I wasted my money but I definitely did not get the results that I expected.

Cost & Availability:
Lippie Primer comes with a price tag of US$ 5.50. You can buy it from ColourPop's official website here.

You can also buy ColourPop at ULTA now. Just click here to see the collection that Ulta is carrying.

Now for the discount code: you can get 20% off of your minimum purchase of US$15 and you can access the code from this link: ColourPop 20% Off!. Please note that this discount offer is valid for new customers only.

Thank you for your time.
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