Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' - Review & Swatch

Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' - Review & Swatch
I usually go for a lipstick or a lip gloss like anyone else but once I tried a product like this, I wanted to get it in all possible shades. Want to know why?

Sleek Pout Paint:
They say: 'A truly unique lip product, Pout Paint is an intense lip pigment like no other that is made to be mixed.'

Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' - Review & Swatch
Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up'
Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' - Review & Swatch
Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up'
Product Description & Packaging:
The product comes in a plastic squeezable tube that has a nozzle. It contains 8ml of product and comes in eleven gorgeous shades that can be mixed together to create ton more shades. The shade I am reviewing is a bright red color. It is a liquid product but the consistency is not runny.

Pros & Cons:

  • Highly pigmented.
  • Nozzle system to bring out the product is really hygienic.
  • Can be mixed with other shades of pout paints, lipsticks, lip glosses, pigments & even with vaseline to make a tinted lip balm.
  • Can be mixed with a cream foundation or concealer to create a cream blush. 
  • Sheer to full coverage is possible.
  • Gives matte to slightly glossy finish, depending on the amount used. 
  • Water resistant.
  • Does not bleed or feather out if quantity applied is not too much.
  • Stays for more than four hours if I eat carefully and even longer without eating anything.
  • Has a really light scent and almost no taste.
  • Affordable & travel friendly.
  • Non irritant.
  • Lips can feel dry if a sheer to medium coverage is applied as it dries and stays matte so a primer or moisturizer is a must. 

Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' - Review & Swatch
Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' (swatch)

Overall Experience:
I bought this Pout Paint some time back but didn't really use it until I tried OCC Lip Tars (review & swatches here). I really liked them and thought that I should give Pout Paint a try. As expected, I got pretty good results. 

If I talk about the application and coverage, it is easy to apply with finger or a lip brush. A lip brush obviously gives precise application. As for the coverage, a slight pat of product on lips gives a really nice deep pink tint to the lips and it looks really natural and matte. A bit more product gives full coverage and once it dries, it becomes matte. If I apply some more product, it gets glossy but it bleeds out sometimes so I only do it for a shoot or something. 

Staying power is so great. It won't get off easily which might be a negative point for some people when it comes to take off the makeup but for me it is just perfect. Layering this product under a lipstick can ensure long lasting lipstick as well. 

The best thing about Pout Paint is that it can be mixed with other shades in this product range. Moreover, I mixed it with lip glosses, lipsticks and even loose pigments. To add some shimmery effect, I added a golden pigment and it looked really nice. As I mentioned previously that it can be used to make a cream blusher, you can mix it in your foundation or concealer, best to mix with a cream or liquid medium. Just add a tiny bit of Pout Paint and it will add a pinkish tone. You can store it in an air-tight jar for later use. Adding it directly on the cheeks can be a mess so do not try that as it sets really quickly. 

When a product gives a matte finish, most of the times it is drying for skin. Same goes with this lip product. So I always moisturize my lips beforehand. It also feels a bit warm on lips, I don't know why but that does not create any problem.

Overall, I really like this product and almost half of it is gone. It is also quite affordable as compared to the OCC Lip Tars I tried previously.

If you are looking for a long lasting lip product that can also satisfy your creative side, you should give it a try. 

Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' - Review & Swatch
Sleek Pout Paint in 'Pin Up'

Cost & Availability:
I got this Pout Paint for $8 but Sleek has dropped the prices now (don't know if they are permanent) so now you can get it for $6.49 over hereThey ship worldwide. If you are living in Pakistan, you can get it from Beauty Unleashed for reasonable prices.

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  1. i am really loving this pout ... i really don't like pout as for they seem so messy.. but this one is looking so nice.. and thanks for the review

  2. I love how you can use these in many ways :)

  3. Hello!!

    I have found your website by chance looking for a review of POUT PAINTS by SLEEK. I think that your review is great!!
    I have joined to your web to keep abreast of your updates.


  4. Oh wow it look awesome. I have been wanting to try OCC lip tars for a while, but these are just as tempting and so pigmented.Thanks for sharing!


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